All you need to know about Google Photos Private Messaging feature

Google is undoubtedly one of the most valuable brands and the most used search engine in the world. The search giant has been known to make continuous and noticeable updates in their apps, and try to meet with the user’s expectations, which we all know can be anything and everything.

Google App


Well, I hope, we all know about the Google Photos App, the one-stop solution for all your photos. You need to sign in with your Google/Gmail account, and there you have an ample amount of options to organize, edit, share, and whatnot.

From time to time, Google has provided updates in the app which made it much simpler to use and increased the capacity of sharing photos and videos as well. 

Google Photos collage
Image Source: Android Authority

Now on Wednesday, the company has announced another update that is going to change the way users use Google Photos app. The company is rolling out a “Private Messaging” feature in the app. Yes. You heard it right! A Photo sharing based application is going to have a new feature where you can chat while sharing pictures. Isn’t it amazing??

Whenever we click any picture, our first thought is how do we look in that picture and the next instant thought is to share it with the people we are connected to. Google Photos already serves many purposes when it comes to being an image-based app, on top of that, this new feature will let us chat over those beautiful and memorable pictures. In short, you can chat, share photos, and organize & edit images on the same platform.

What Are The Changes Users Will Experience:

With the new update, you won’t have to create an entire album just to share any photo. You can chat with your friends, and contacts over photos so long as they should also have Google Photos installed and have an active account. You just need to Google Photo login (through your Gmail account) and enjoy chatting with your friends. If you want to convert the one-off message into a conversation, you both/all can start chatting or create a group. You will also be able to react to the photos with likes, share & more. This way, the photos will become a starting point for many conversations ahead.

Google Photos Sharing
GIF Source: TechCrunch


This update might become a great deal for Google than it might seem, and it could turn Google Photos into more of a social application. This will ultimately result in getting it more new users. With time, Google Photos has been a trusty vault for all of your photographs, it’s the best way to keep an online bank of memories without having to think twice about storage or backups.

Official Statement About The Update

Janvi Shah (Product Manager) said in a blog post “This feature isn’t designed to replace any chat apps you already use, but we do hope it improves sharing memories with your friends and family in Google Photos,”. “This is gradually rolling out over the next week and, as always, you can share these photos with your friends and family across all platform — Android, iOS and the web — without any loss in image quality from the photos you backed up.”

This update seems to be great for each one of us who uses the Google Photos app. And those who don’t yet, I’m sure they will also download this app and start enjoying and exploring this new feature. 

Did you like the article? Do you also think this update might bring new users to Google via Google Photos? Will the app become popular as the already signed-up users may use this app more often than in the past? Do you also consider this app as a competitor for other trendy photo sharing and chatting apps in the market?

The update is going to roll out within a few days so be patient and get ready to witness the update. Do enjoy the new Google Photos Update and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below.

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