Google Amalgamates All Consumer And Enterprise Messaging Apps Into A Team

Google Brings Its Major Communication Under One Umbrella.

Due to different teams working in isolation – Hangouts, Duo, Google Chat/Meet, and other similar apps are in a constant state of flux. To handle this situation and to compete with other apps, Google unifies the teams behind it.

Alongside, when it comes to organizing the suite of messaging and chat apps, Google has always faded. Therefore, to push the company in the right direction, Google had to do something. Hence, under a single leadership of Javier Soltero, Google has brought together Duo, Google Message, Android app, Google Meet, Google Chat, & all messaging apps and communication services.

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Javier Soltero, hired by Google in October 2019 to lead GSuite, Google Meet, and Google Chat, is the right man for this job. In an announcement made by Google, he will be in charge of all company’s communication products.

Does This Amalgamation Mean Google Chat Apps Will Be Integrated?

Before we see any actual change to the functionality of communication apps we will need to wait, because the way Soltero exemplifies his job – “drive more innovation and more clarity around how these products can fulfill their specific missions,” proposes he has no intention to assimilate all of Google’s chat apps like Facebook is planning to do with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

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Soltero says each product plays a different role in individuals’ life, therefore, making any rapid changes to these products is not a good idea as they depend on them.

Also, Soltero says, there are no immediate plans to integrate or change any of Google’s apps, so don’t think of anything soon. As people will make choices around the product, Google will plan to make changes. For the time being, Google is planning to modernize Hangouts towards Google Chat and Meet.

Why Change Leadership?

Google gave a full statement on this change:

“We are bringing all of Google’s collective communication products together under one leader and unified team that will be led by Javier Soltero, VP, and GM of G Suite. Javier will remain in Cloud, but will also join the leadership team under Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Platforms and Ecosystems. Outside of this update, there are no other changes to the personnel, and Hiroshi will continue to play a significant role in our ongoing partnership efforts.”

This means by unifying all chat and communication apps; Google is trying to disentangle itself from the infamous, and unsuccessful history of chat apps. By coming together, the company will focus on creating great communication apps that will make sense.

Why Did Google Make Javier Soltero In Charge Of This Integration?

Looking at Soltero’s carrier graph and how he cleaned up Hangouts branding mess, Google thought of him as the right candidate. Not only this, because of him, Google Meet also became free and will help people during this crucial situation. It was due to his farsightedness that Hangouts Videos was converted in Google Meet and Hangouts Chat into Google Chats.

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Ok, so what is in for us? Just like you, I too have no idea. But one thing is for sure Google did not launch anything new the company just announced to bring messaging and chat apps under one roof. With this, I just hope Google doesn’t fade away this time, and we see significant video chat and messaging apps from Google.

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