Getting Television Audio Lag On Nintendo Switch? Here’s the fix!

Playing a video game without the sound is certainly dull, boring and no fun at all.  Moreover, when Nintendo Switch console responds slowly or the audio lags while playing, it ruins the whole experience of winning and playing. If you’re one of the victims and wondering how to fix Nintendo Switch television audio lag on, then follow the below fixes.

Enable Game Mode on your TV

Enable Game Mode on your TV

The most common culprit of getting television audio lag or cutting any latency problems is a disabled game mode. Doesn’t matter how advanced tricks you’re using, you won’t be able to enjoy audio of your game until you turn on game mode. Thanks to technology, the game mode is universal in TV industry which allows you to disable/enable game mode according to your preferences.  So, follow the steps to enable game mode on your tv.

Step 1: Switch on your TV and visit the menu from where you make changes for your viewing scenes. In most of the tv’s, the game mode is located in the same cycle of vibrant mode and sports mode.

Step 2: Locate Game Mode and click on it.

Step 3: After turning on your game mode, you need to turn on the Nintendo Switch.

Step 4: Once the Nintendo Switch is up, play the game and check the audio of it.

If you are already in the game mode, you may disable it and re-enable the game mode.

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Use Headphones to Connect with Nintendo Switch

Use Headphones to Connect with Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is designed in a great way that lets you use your headphones to connect with Nintendo Switch. Get your hands on any compatible pair of headphones that comes with a 3.5mm connection to enjoy the perks of its sophisticated design.

Firstly, you need to find a compatible pair of earphones and then plug in the 3.5 port. You can locate the port at the upper side.

Now, you need to correct the sound from Nintendo Switch and audio unit.

After making the changes you can play the game and check if you’re getting the sound directly from the headphones you are using. Moreover, when you are using audio device connector then you can get uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience than ever.

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Reboot Your Nintendo Switch

Rebooting your device is extremely effective for fixing the technical glitches and minor bugs. Issues related to display and sound can be fixed by rebooting your Nintendo Switch. So, follow the steps to reboot your Nintendo Switch:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to press and hold down the power button for more than ten seconds. The power button is located at the upper side of Nintendo Switch.

Step 2: Now, you will notice a pop window will appear on your screen then you need to scroll down to locate Power Options and click on it.

Step 3: Choose Restart.

Reboot Your Nintendo Switch

You would notice the Nintendo Switch is performing rebooting by itself. You need to be patient till it turns it on. Once it’s up, you can start playing your game to find out whether is issues has been fixed or not.

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Contact Your Technician

If none of the above methods work for you then you need to get your Switch checked by Nintendo technician, or your TV manufacturer to find out about the culprit. When you have issues related to hardware or due to some technician glitches then it can be resolved by a properly trained technician.

So, you have learned how to fix television audio lag on Nintendo Switch. Perform the above remedies and bring your Nintendo experience to the next level.

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