How To Get Microsoft Word For Free On Mac (2023)

Microsoft Word has been one of the popular word processing software.   It was released in 1983 and has been one of the best since.We often use it in creating a  document, resume, report, etc. 

With the popularity and ease of use, not only Windows users but Mac users also like to use Microsoft Word. In this blog, we will discuss all the ways to get Microsoft Office paid, trial, or free version along with the general queries around it.  

Apart from this, as bonus information, we will also tell you about some alternatives which Mac users can use in place of Microsoft Word.

How To Get Microsoft Word For Free On Mac? (2023)

In Office 365 suite, Microsoft Word would cost households $6.99 a month ($9.99 for a whole family) or $12.50 a month for business users. Apart from this, a standalone version of Microsoft Word costs $139.99.

Note:- For basic functions like editing documents or using basic formatting features, you do not have to pay anything.

Some very frequent questions of Mac users are:-

  • Is there a free version of Microsoft Word for Mac?
  • Is there a free version of Office for Mac?
  • Are there any alternatives for Microsoft Word on Mac?

Is Microsoft Word Free For Mac?

Well in this blog, we will tell you whether you can use Microsoft on Mac or not, and also discuss what are the best alternatives for Microsoft Word on Mac.

Mac users open a .docx file on Mac with Preview or Quick Look, if Microsoft Word is not installed on their computer. However, if you want to edit the document, you are not allowed to do so.

Well, for that most of us end up looking for a solution on the internet like “Microsoft Word free download” or “How to open docs on Mac with Microsoft Word” and you will see dozens of video tutorials and blogs about the same. After watching the video tutorials and reading the blogs on the internet, in the pursuit of finding a way to get Microsoft Word for free, you end up clicking on various sites that offer you a free download of a trial version. In the process of getting a free Microsoft Office illegally, you might unknowingly download various malware on your Mac.

All such illegitimate steps might put your computer at high risk because there are chances of data loss and privacy breaches. 

Fortunately, if you don’t want to spend money on getting Microsoft Word for free, there are some other ways by which you can get Microsoft Word for free.

In October 2021, Office 2021 was available to users as a one-time purchase for one computer and not a subscription. That means the new one-time purchase for one computer will not cover future feature upgrades and you will have to again invest money in a new one-time purchase of Office with new features. This new one-time purchase of Office is available for both Windows and Mac but it can be installed only on one computer at a time either Windows or Mac. However, the good part about Office 2021 is you will get security updates.

Although it is available for Mac, there are a few drawbacks of this one-time purchase:

  • You will not get new features
  • Upgrade to major releases are not included
  • Extra online storage not included
  • It can not be installed on more than one computer
  • The cost is payable at a single one time cost
  • Technical support is included for installation only.

Prices of Office 2021:-

$149.99 for Office Home & Student 2021 (Windows or Mac)
$249.99 for Office Home & Business 2021 (Windows or Mac)

Is there a free version of Microsoft Word for Mac?

No, Microsoft Word for Mac is not free. However, Yes Microsoft Word Online is free. To use Microsoft Word online for free, all you need is a Microsoft account. You will not get all the features of Microsoft Word in the online version but it is good to go for basic operations.

To access free Microsoft Word online, you need to create a Microsoft account (in case you do not have one) and then log in to your Microsoft account and start using Microsoft Word.

Note:- Microsoft Word’s full version is available for free on iPad.

Microsoft word for free on mac
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How To Get A Free MS Office 365 Trial?

If you have a project that requires more features than a not-so-complex project, then you can do it by subscribing to a free Microsoft Word trial via Microsoft Office 365. You will get a one-month subscription to use all the apps in MS Office 365 including Excel, Word, Onenote, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.

To use one monthly subscription, visit Microsoft 365 page and click on Try month free.

If this is not enough for you, and you are thinking of opting for a word processor software and didn’t want to invest as well, we have listed some of the best alternatives for MS Word. Read on to know about them. 

Microsoft word for mac
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Some Free Alternatives For Microsoft Word (2023)

Take a look at some of the best alternative solutions to MS Word that you can try on your Mac:

1. Google Docs

Get Microsoft Word For Free

Google Docs, as part of the G suite, is the best alternative available online for MS Word as it supports custom styles, in-line images, tables, etc. all the features are at par with MS Word. You will not miss using MS Word if you switch to Google Docs. You can also get the facility to edit and export .docx. if needed

Features of Google Docs:

  • Grammar check helps you avoid making mistakes
  • Voice typing is available as an option
  • Bookmarks are available for navigating documents
  • The number of pages is displayed for easy formatting
  • It allows you to write in offline mode

2. LibreOffice

Get Microsoft Word For Free

Another useful alternative is LibreOffice or OpenOffice. It is a text editing app that is free for all. It has a paid version also which has desktop publishing compatibilities. You can complete all your office tasks with it and will not miss the features of  MS Word.

Features of LibreOffice:

  • Free and open-source suite
  • Maths formula is provided for helping you in solving complex operations
  • Vector graphics and flowcharts can be drawn
  • Supports documents of all types like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc
  • Features are provided as extensions 

3. Collabio Spaces

Microsoft word for free on mac

Collabio Spaces is a text editor app that is useful for creating and formatting text. It comes with many ad-hoc collaboration features that will help you to make your work more impressive. The best feature of this app is you can co-edit the document in real-time by sharing the password without uploading the document to the cloud.

Features of Collabio Spaces:

  • Allows off-line real-time editing
  • Editing without servers, clouds, internet
  • Collaborate with Ad-Hoc
  • Scan and recognize content
  • Free trial version up to 14 days

4. Ulysses

Microsoft word for free on mac

Ulysses is the most popular app for writing small notes to manuscripts. The app is equipped with built-in support for Markdown, Style checkers, and grammar check. You can work without the tension of writing wrong grammar and can make the perfect project without any mistakes. After the job is done, you can export the PDF directly to WordPress or Medium and can also publish it directly. 

Features of Ulysses:

  • Text can be written in all sizes and ambitions
  • Built-in proofreader
  • Editing assistant
  • Available for over 20 languages
  • Built-in grammar and style check

5. Focused

Microsoft word for free on mac

Focused helps you to type a document with various themes available and beautiful typography. You can also add soundtracks to make your document full of life. These are some great features that allow you to make an impressive document. Such features are rare and are easily not available in many apps.

Features of Focused:

  • The entire suite is free for 7 days
  • Writing directly in HTML format
  • Adds songs to make the document feel like life
  • Various themes give a new look to document
  • Typography helps you in writing in many styles

6. MarsEdit

Microsoft word for mac

With help of MarsEdit, you get the facility to transport a complete blogging setup offline. Yes, that is right. You can now make your document and can edit HTML, the rich text adds images and videos without the Internet. You can upload the document online when you get internet access with all the changes you have made. This is a great feature because sometimes there is no internet connectivity and we need to do the task. In such times, this is the best alternative that can save you from trouble.

Features of MarsEdit:

  • Plain and Rich Text editing
  • Automatic preview template generation
  • Fast live previews
  • Advanced WordPress support
  • Enhanced blog archiving

7. Manuscripts

Microsoft word for mac

If you are into writing complex projects related to research papers, screenplays, novels, textbooks, etc, then Manuscripts is the best tool for you. It allows you to add multi-level outlive, templates, graphs, tables, citation editing, etc in no time and give you a great working experience.

Features of Manuscripts:

  • Makes complex projects easy
  • Templates can be added
  • Support for graph and table
  • Interactive interface
  • Fast and easy processing

8. Diary

Microsoft word for free on mac

Diary is an app that allows you to organize your notes, calendar events, and add lists in a very convenient manner that will make you fall in love with writing. This is the best app for you if you are looking for encrypted writing because from a security point of view Diary is best.

Features of Diary:

  • It is a  minimalistic application
  • Equipped with beautiful styles and unlimited entries
  • One subscription for all devices
  • 7 days free trial available to check the tool
  • Calendar, map, and timeline views make it easy to navigate

Frequently Asked Questions (2023)

Q1. Is Microsoft Word free for Mac?

Microsoft Word is not free as a tool for Mac but is free with basic features online for Mac users. Although, it is free for iPad.

Q2. How can I get Microsoft Word on my Mac?

Microsoft word is free to use online by creating a Microsoft Account. Mac users can create an account by navigating to the official Microsoft Site and using Microsoft Word on Mac

Q3. How much does Microsoft Word for Mac cost?

Microsoft Word is free to use for Mac users if they use it online. The only thing that they need to do is create a Microsoft account.

Q4. Can I purchase just Microsoft Word for Mac?

Yes, you can purchase the standalone app for Microsoft Word for Mac. However, you can also go to and sign up using a Microsoft account and use Word online for free on Mac. 


If you are looking for a free version of Microsoft Word then in this blog we have suggested ways to get it for free and also a paid version with a trial period of a month. However to suit your needs we have also told you many alternatives that are competent and are at par with Microsoft Word. With the help of these recommended tools, you can make your project work impressive.

Let us know in the comments section below about your experience of using alternative tools. If you have any doubts or queries to share, feel free to share them in the comments section below. You can also drop a line in our Facebook inbox! 


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