Gadgets to Gift to Students in this Technological Era – adding a help to their Studies

The basis for any new development and invention is to simplify the task for which it has been created in comparison to the traditional methods. Today I would like to ask you something about your student days! At any point of time during your education, did you feel the need of a machine that could help you with some of the following?

  1. Remember the lecture delivered by the Professor
  2. learn a new language on your preferable time
  3. To convert your notes into digital format
  4. Reusable Notepads that uploads the written notes to the cloud memory and can be used again

And many more such tasks. In this case. I may say that the students of this decade are very much luckier than us. They have a lot of advanced machines. And the recent developments are adding more such innovative gadgets to this pool.

Hence, in this blog I would be listing those gadgets which would prove to be of great help to students and you can give them as gifts to your Kids.

1. Olympus Dictaphone –

I guess this gadget is a boon in every way, because keeping up with speed of speech of some Lecturers is always difficult. That is where this Dictaphone comes in handy. The Dictaphone could be left at the front of a lecture hall and can act as a backup for note-taking.


Olympus offers a number of specialized dictation systems for recording dictations and transcribing them into documents. Some of the special features of it are:

  1. Recording format used is Digital Speech Standard Pro that is best for dictation requirement.
  2. Settings and buttons for functioning like author ID Setting, New Recording, and different folders for easy workflow and file management.
  3. Some professional settings for editing functions like “insert”, “overwrite”, “Partial Erase” etc.

2. Rosetta Stone –

rosetta stone

We are in the world where knowing just the English Language is not enough, especially when none is confined to their own country to grow in their careers. And when you move to a new place it is important to have a little bit of command over the Local language of the place. Moreover, it opens up more opportunities if you know at least 1or 2 foreign languages. Rosetta stone comes to your rescue as it give you the freedom to learn the language as per your convenient time. The cloud-based program allow users to learn online or on-the-go via smartphone.

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3. Digital Notes written by hand –

This invention has actually given a full digital look to the classroom studies. A smartpen that helps you focus on learning in the class rather than making notes. Not just that we even have pens to save our notes in the digital format. Some of the examples are as below:

  1. Moleskin Smart Writing Set – If you are someone like me who prefer their own hand written notes over word notepad, then this is something for us. Use the pen from stationery from Moleskin and write on the notepad provided – real ink appears on the page, and the digital form appears on your phone. It also have plenty of color and design options which will be a great feature for creative doodlers.


  1. Neo Smart Pen N2 – This smart pen works with their patented notepaper and Neo Notes App which is compatible with both Android and iOS mobiles. Working with it is very simple is just start writing with N2 on Ncoded paper and the handwritten notes will appear on your smart device.


  1. LiveScribe – A smart pen suitable for professionals and students both. Livescribe 3 smart pen helps you focus on the meetings and discussions with clients, partners and colleagues rather than focusing on the scribing the notes. So, is for students when they use Echo smart pens that lets you record words, diagrams, symbols and audio by syncing between what you hear to what you write.


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4.  Powerful Graphing Calculator –


I know calculators are not allowed in schools but college students from Science and Mathematics department are permitted to use calculators. The graphing Calculator by Texas is an expensive gift but would be of great help to the students, as it comes with some pre-loaded applications, business functions and capability for statistical analysis. It also has the feature to compare the equations through graph.

5. Remarkable – Paper Tablet –


Reading the title you may get the thoughts, that it would be a tablet like the Kindle. Yes, it is a tablet like Kindle, but offers something more than just an e-reading function. It offers you the joy of writing on the paper. Pen and paper are the simplest but the most powerful tools of creation.

Remarkable gives you the paper like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers in the form of a Paper Tablet. Eventually helping you by reducing your work of managing the notebooks and printouts as it has been replaced by Remarkable. Not just the writers but also the creative and graphic people would love using it.

6. Pup Pocket Scanner –


As the name suggests, it is a scanner, but an advanced and small, portable scanner. It not just provides an ease in scanning the pages but also lets you share, store or print the page as per the selection of the scenario made by you.

Some of the unique features:

  1. Smart LED gives the perfect lights
  2. LASERS help to mark the boundaries of the page and discard the background irrespective of the color.
  3. The ergonomy makes it easy to handle and use.
  4. Anti-reflection feature.
  5. Sharpness control though laser boundaries

7. An alarm that shakes you awake – Smart Shaker by iLuv


Waking up early morning is undoubtedly the most tedious job. I know we have alarms in our phones, but the snooze function strengthen the laziness in us. So, to our rescue comes the SmartShaker Alarm by iLuv for those who need a literal jolt to get out of bed in the morning.  The smart alarm syncs with your smart phone and can be tucked below you pillow. And as soon as your alarm goes off, it vibrates to give you the needed boost.

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Hence, we come to the end of the list of the innovative gadgets for students that I have liked the most. But the actual list doesn’t end here. About the above list I am surely buying two or three of the gadgets from the above list. How about you!

People are researching and innovating every day, every hour, every minute and every second. I would try bring more such gadgets to you as soon as they are able to make me fall in love with them.

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