5 Free Android Apps That Remind You To Take A Break From Mobile Screen

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Addiction to phone games, social media usage and reading on the screen is no new today. But we often forget that taking breaks, giving relief to eyes and inhaling deep breaths is what your body ultimately need. For such a major lifestyle glitch, these break reminder apps below will sort many of your running issues.

Some of these apps remind you to move, ask you your interests, push you to take eyes away from the phone or tell you to just go, drink some water. Doesn’t just reading that feels a little better? So give them all a try, install for free and enjoy the roots of your environment.

1. Social Fever:

Social Fever is quite an effective break reminder app to uplift your life positive as it asks you to set your own tracking time before you begin. It will also ask your interests and let you explore those during the phone break time. While you are just playing games straight for a few hours or spending too much time on Instagram, it will tell you to sip a glass of water and come back. After all, good health comes first and above!

Social Fever

Special Features:

  • Tracks the music listening time, screen-on time, and overall time spent on device.
  • Gives you daily report of various apps usage.
  • Provides you with inspirational quotes to undertake various activities.
  • Set ‘do not disturb hours’ to give undivided time to personal interests.
  • Water Reminder never lets you stay dehydrated.

Download here!

2. Eyecare 20 20 20

With a great concept backing up the app, it says that you shall look 20 feet away after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. This famous rule is made up to save your eyes from prolonging strain and redness in eyes. You can notify the app once you begin with your phone usage and it will keep pinging you to look away after the timer alerts.

Eyecare 20 20 20

Special Features

  • Backed up by popular 20-20-20 rule
  • Available with automatic as well as manual setting options
  • Very easy to use without any much hassles

Download here!

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3. Break Reminder

If you tend to forget to look away from your mobile or desktop screen while working or spending time on various apps, Break Reminder may solve a good number of issues for you. This app is quite simple without many ups and downs and requires you to just set a timer according to your wish.

Break Reminder

Special Features

  • Manage your Settings option manually and edit the work or break time accordingly.
  • Set the reminder according to your time schedule
  • Control notifications, enable or disable sound, vibration, and dialog as required

Download here!

4. Unhook

Quite different, this app forces you to take breaks. How? Well, you can set various timers for screens like social apps, video streaming, games and more on which you spend a good amount of time. Interestingly, when the time limit of app usage is exceeded, you have got to stroll at least 100 steps so as to earn 10 minutes time usage. Perfect for overall health, it is also active as an app that reminds you to move.

Unhook android app

Special Features:

  • Unhooks from all the pages that eat your effective time
  • Tracks your app usages and direct you to control the time
  • Makes you stroll around to earn back usage time
  • Divided among Social, Video and Games zone

Download Here

5. Randomly RemindMe

The best part about this reminder app is that you can set various locations like home, work or about to leave for office and get notifications accordingly. The customization feature according to different days and different intervals make it unique. If you want notification regarding having water, taking a break, doing pushups, call a friend or get a motivational quote; just set the reminder up.

Randomly RemindMe

Special Features

  • Set up any random customized reminder you like
  • Backup or restore an old reminder and share with your friends
  • The weekly or monthly reminder can be set up for specifics

Download here!

A Reminder at the End

Now that you are aware of so many Android reminder apps that can take you away from mobile or desktop screen, we believe your health remain wonderful. Amongst all the apps above, Social fever has been known for keeping peace in the life cycle at one end, Eyecare 20 20 20 has done great in saving eyes from drying. Not to forget, Randomly RemindMe is again brilliant for customizing the reminders very frequently. Have some natural time away from screens and happy reading!

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