10 Best Flight Tracker Apps for iPhone

Waiting aimlessly for a flight at the airport, getting late for a flight just because you couldn’t check its arrival or departure, or facing a situation where your flight has been canceled are some situations that no traveler would want to face.

If you are a frequent traveler who doesn’t want these situations to take place, we have listed down the best flight tracker apps for the iPhone.

And, needn’t worry! We’ve done the homework for you as we list out some of the best apps that will help you track your flight on your iPhone in a hassle-free manner. 

List Of 10 Best Flight Tracker Apps for iPhone

1. Flightradar24 : Best Overall

flight tracker app ios

It is one of the world’s most trusted flight tracker apps on iOS. You can ascertain its credibility by the fact that it is trusted by users in over 150 countries. It lets you view planes around the globe in real-time and that too on a comprehensive map.   


  • Watch your plane move around the globe in real time. 
  • Have an exact view as that of a pilot and that too in 3D. 
  • Filter flights based on factors like airport, airline, altitude, flight number, airline, etc.  
  • You can check the arrival and departure times by tapping on the airport icon.   
  • Get a detailed list of all flights that are flying in your area.

Price: Free to Download (Monthly gold plan starts at $3.99)

Download Here

2. FlightStats : Best Free Flight Tracking App

track flight on iphone

The second one on the list Is a free and one of the best flight tracking apps for iPhone. Millions of travelers vouch for its trip monitoring, flight status, and flight alert solutions. It is an iPhone plane tracker that details and filters flight status by the airport, number, and route.  


  • Immersive flight tracker where you can see the flights as they fly across the globe 
  • You can enable Siri shortcuts to arrivals, departures, route searches, and daily flights. 
  • Watch your flight status on the Apple Watch.  
  • Share a flight from the flight details screen.    
  • Monitor weather conditions.  

Price: Free

Download Here

3. Flighty

flightaware app for iphone

This plane tracker app for iPhone rightly calls itself a flight tracker made for passengers. It has already won accolades from the likes of the NYTimes. It gives you complete information about details such as the Air Traffic Control, FAA, and many other details that not even the airlines tell you. 


  • 25-hour where’s my plane feature.
  • Also shows taxi times. 
  • 2-way calendar sync, email forwarding, and TripIt sync.  
  • Get pilot-grade data such as live streaming data, and commercial data. Real flight plans, etc.    
  • Compatible with iOS 16.

Price: Free to Download( Monthly subscription starts at $5.99 )

Download Here

4. FlightAware Flight Tracker

best flight tracker app iphone

It is one of the best free flight tracker apps for iPhones as well as iPad. If you are a frequent traveler, an aviation enthusiast, a pilot, or a flight crew, this is a must have app you should have by your side. It gives you 360-degree information about your flight. 


  • Track your flight in real-time
  • Get free flight status alerts which include cancellations, arrival, departure, diversions, and gate changes (if any) 
  • Save your favorite airports and aircraft  
  • Weather radar  
  • Check for flight delays beforehand    

Price: Free to Download( “Ad Remove” version starts at $0.99/ month) 

Download Here

5. Plane Finder

best free flight tracker app for iphone

This iPhone plane tracker lets you see live air traffic patterns in real-time. It also lets you know exactly what plane is flying. Apart from its arrival and departure location, you can also find the altitude of a plane. Keeping aside the intent of tracking flights, this flight app for iPhone can be immensely useful if you aim at catching sight of a rare aircraft. 


  •  Live AR mode through which you can point a camera and reveal aircraft and flight information. 
  • Find and track live flights on a map.  
  • View real-time arrival and departure including details such as a terminal. information, baggage rules, gate, and weather.  
  • Dive deeper into more technical details such as flight and aircraft data.      
  • Dark mode for low light conditions. 

Price: Free to Download ( Monthly subscription starts at $3.99) 

Download Here

6. The Flight Tracker

iphone plane tracker

It is a flight tracker app for iOS which is regarded for its accuracy. With this app, you can track your family’s flights and streamline travel. This app lets you know everything about the flight including details such as schedule, terminal, gate information, etc.     


  • Global flight tracking
  • Automated calendar and TripIt sync. 
  • Real-time gate and terminal updates.   
  • Ability to create trips and add notes.
  • Upload and access travel documents such as boarding pass, booking confirmation, vaccination certificate, and other details. 

Price: Monthly subscription starts at $1.99

Download Here

7. Flight Tracker & Radar

flight tracker app ios

If you want to follow plane routes in real-time, you can consider installing Flight Tracker & Radar. It lets you tap on the plane whose route you want to follow and then you can see on the map where it is headed to. 


  • Live plane routes. 
  • The app comes with a compass.   
  • 3D globe view.
  • Manage your flights easily.
  • Sky radar (premium feature). 

Price: Premium subscription starts at $4.99

Download Here

8. App in the air

best flight tracker for iphone

This iPhone plane tracker doubles as an app with the help of which you can book hotels, manage itineraries and do a lot more. It saves you time when it comes to finding the right price for an airline ticket or understanding your travel preferences, thanks to the AI booking system. 


  • Global coverage
  • Filter flights by amenities, times, stops, pricing, and more. 
  • Book both flights as well as hotels.  
  • Network with other frequent flyers using the “nearby” feature.  
  • Backup flight history.    

Price: Monthly subscription starts at $4.99

Download Here

9. Flight Board

best flight tracker app iphone

It won’t be wrong to say that when you track flights on your iPhone using Flight Board you can be assured of accuracy since the flight details and status information is updated every minute. Needless to say, it is one of the best free flight tracker apps for iPhones. No matter which part of the world you are in, you can promptly check if your flight is delayed or canceled.


  • Covers over 1400 airlines and over 16000 airports across the globe. 
  • Shows the real-time status of any flight.  
  • Filter flights by flight number or destination.    
  • Switch between departure and arrival boards.  
  • The flight board is realistically designed.

Price: Free

Download Here

10. FlightView Flight Tracker

flight tracking apps for iphone free

Last but not least, FlightView Flight Tracker is one of the best free flight tracker apps for iPhones. From tracking upcoming flights that are in-air to giving flight status alerts, FlightView Flight Tracker keeps you updated on the progress of the flight you desire.   


  •  Track flights on a map
  •  View gate, terminal and baggage information. 
  • Even while on a flight, you can review saved itineraries in Airplane mode. 
  • Get driving directions to airports via iPhone maps.
  • Functionality to search flights up to 350 days in the future.   

Price: Monthly subscription starts at $2.99

Download Here

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best flight tracker apps for the iPhone. While someof the apps are free to use, you can always unlock premium features such as an ad-free experience or unlocking more flights, etc.

Do let us know in the comments section below which of the above flight tracker apps for iOS would you recommend to your friends. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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