How To Find and Change Your Network Security Key?

Your Wi-Fi password is referred to as a network security key in technical terms. When creating a network connection, it is the combination you offer. The network security key is in charge of preventing illegal access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Devices connected to the same network can communicate with one another. As a result, unfamiliar or hostile devices may access your files and online activities. As a result, security keys have an impact on how secure your network is. If you utilize WEP security tools, for example, your network is vulnerable to hackers, capitalizing, and eavesdropping.

Different Network Security Keys Types

Security Keys

Users, their online actions, and personal data are all protected by network security keys. Here are some of the most common varieties you should be able to recognize:

WEP  (Wired Equivalent Privacy).  WEP was created to make wireless networks as secure as conventional networks. It served its purpose for many years before retiring in 2004. Although it is still accessible through network settings, it is an out-of-date option. It has numerous security weaknesses, and utilizing it exposes networks to hackers.

WPA and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access). WPA has proven to be a far more secure and efficient replacement for WEP. It fixed the faults of WEP, but it also introduced a slew of new problems. As a result, WPA2 became the new and enhanced version, requiring AES. The latter encryption raises the bar for network security to unprecedented heights. For the time being, it is the greatest choice for residential networks.

WPA3. It is the most recent sort of network security key accessible. WPA3 has several benefits, including reducing the risks of open networks. WPA2 would, for example, exclusively encrypt traffic on password-protected networks. WPA3 fixes this problem, making open networks more secure. The new standard, however, has problems, such as the Dragonblood vulnerability.

How To Find Your Network Security Key

There are numerous ways to locate your network security key, depending on your equipment. Its name may also vary, and it can be found under the WPA key, security key, or pass. Your network security key can be found on your router if you haven’t made any configurations. You’ll find it on a small sticker on the router’s back or in the instructions. You can use the steps below if that information is no longer correct.

Step 1: Press Windows + I to open Windows Settings.

Windows Settings

Step 2: Select Network & Internet from the list of options.

Network & Internet

Step 3: Select Network and Sharing Center from the options.

Network and Sharing Center

Step 4: Select the wireless network icon from the new window.

Step 5: Select Wireless Properties from the menu.

Wireless Properties

Step 6: Navigate to the Security tab.

Security tab

Step 7: Select Show characters to view your network security.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Network Security Key?

A strong password is required for network security. Here are some suggestions for creating the most secure Wi-Fi passwords:

Change the default password on your computer. Some router manufacturers may post default passwords online, making it possible for an attacker to obtain them.

Use Suprising Patterns. Include no actual words or components, such as your date of birth.

Suprising Patterns.

The password should be difficult to guess. Uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and special characters should all be included.

Choose long combinations. The length of your password should be at least ten characters.

Note: If your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately. Once you observe unusual behaviur or devices on your network, create a new network security key.

Steps On How To Change Your Network Security Key?

Follow these procedures if you wish to modify your network security key:

Step 1: Enter the IP address of your router into a browser tab and press Enter.

Step 2: Look for a wireless section, wireless settings, or wireless security.

Step 3: WPA2 is the best option for home networks. Choose it.

Step 4: Replace the old network security key with the new one.

Step 5: If required, double-check your modifications.

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The Final Word On How To Find and Change Your Network Security Key?

Once you have changed your Network Security Key, you can be rest assured that unauthorized people will not be able to access your network provided you have chosen a difficult Wi-Fi Password. However, changing the Network Security Key is not a complete security measure as your online activities can still be tracked by malicious actors and marketing agencies. The best method is to use a VPN that will hide your online tracks and make you invisible over the internet.

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