Features Of Android To Look For In 2023

Every once in a while, new technology introduced in smartphones enhances the usage. The features of Android are the most to lookout  being the caterer to the most significant number of smartphone users in the world. Since 2011, Android has ruled the smartphone market and with  advanced features introduced, it is getting more popular. With the buzz on Android bringing Qualcomm Snapdragon to the devices, the wait is confirmed to be worth it. Several other latest features are also associated with the anticipated wait for the Android devices.

Android Features to look out in 2023

Here in this article, we discuss what are we going to see new in 2023

1. 5G ready-

With 5G introduced on the smartphone, the level of performance and efficiency will increase rapidly. The functionalities like – multiple GPS peak rates, ultra-low  latency, which assures less lag over good speed. Similarly, several others like the massive capacity to connect machines over a fast network.

The download content of the users will increase with a large number and download speed will be the reason. You are going to experience a higher rate of download with 5G on your Android devices.

2. 8K Videos-

After the latest processors introduced on your Android devices, the 8K videos can be streamed smoothly. Again, this development brings a lot of changes for all the video streaming websites are going to witness. A new user base will be formed with the advancements in the video quality. Editing 8K videos over 5G network will be possible with the new Android devices.

3. Two-finger  Biometric Lock-

With the upcoming two-finger unlock feature on Android, you will be given a more secure environment. The latest development from 3D Sonic Max, a fingerprint reader as big as to fit two fingerprints on the screen will increase security. This is the advanced technology,  which is going to be faster than the current technique. The two-finger  unlock feature will take up more precise data of fingerprints such as valleys, ridges, and pores, which makes it unique for the user. Thus, the lock is basically an advancement over the previous security feature for Android.

4. Refresh Rate Increases-

With every  system update, the refresh rate has increased for many devices. The rate which was 60Hz has increased to 90 HZ for some, and for some, it is 120Hz. This feature will make using Android easier than ever.b With Snapdragon 865, the refresh rates will be more and could go upto  144Hz.

5. Google Assistant Gets Smarter-

google assistant
Image Source: androidpit.com

Google Assistant has seen a big development with the features enabled on the latest smartphones in the last many years. Now the new features of Android will identify your environment with the sound. For example, if it gets to hear the sound of a train, it will send you the time schedule. This again will be working with Snapdragon 865 Android devices which has an advancement sensing hub.

6. Live Translation-

live captions on android

With Android 10, you must have already known about the live captions on the videos. The live videos will also avail this feature of Android 10. Devices like Google Pixel 4 already have  the feature. Other devices will be able to have this feature of Android. Read about how to turn on live captions on Android.

Wrapping up:

All the good things are coming to the Android Devices, exciting, right? We are looking forward to the faster and smarter way to use Android in the upcoming year. Are you?

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