EaseUs CleanGenius Review: Is It The Best Cleanup Utility Software For Mac

Mac is part and parcel of so many activities that we do in a day. We indeed multitask with it without the slightest botheration in the world. But, over some time, it gets filled with a lot of junk which includes log files, cache files, trash items, duplicate and temporary files and whatnot. To boost your Mac, it is essential to clean your Mac PC of these items.

Practically, it is next to impossible to keep track of all these items, let alone clean them. And, if you try cleaning all this junk manually, you will have to shift your focus from important tasks, big time! Worse, you might even end up deleting some important files.

How about you leave the task of making your Mac clean to an expert. Here we are going to discuss in-depth about one such advanced Mac cleaning software – EaseUs CleanGenius. We’ll try and find out if it stands true to its name. Let’s dive in.

What Is EaseUS CleanGenius?

EaseUS CleanGenius is a cleanup utility software that helps speed up your Mac machine by optimizing its disk space and boosting its performance with just a few clicks.

The Interface

EaseUS CleanGenius Interface

EaseUS CleanGenius exhibits a very neat, clean and a decent interface. The buttons or modules are titled, you know exactly what each module or button is meant to do. Apart from that, the specs of your Mac are displayed. These include information about RAM, graphics card, processor and serial number. Additionally, it also shows how much of your Mac’s memory and disk space is consumed.

Now, that you know your graphics card configuration, here’s how you can optimize Mac for Gaming.

Price And Compatibility With MacOS Versions

EaseUS CleanGenius comes with a 30-day free trial after which it is priced at $ 35.34. This price is inclusive of all taxes. The Mac cleaning software is compatible with new and previous MacOS – up to MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

How Does EaseUS CleanGenius Speed Up Mac Machines?

To get an answer to the above questions, we’ll have to delve deeper into the features of the software –

Fast Cleanup

 Fast Cleanup

The moment you hit that scan button, at once you can see all the junk that resides in the deepest corners of your Mac PC. And, once, you click on that “Clean” button, you are instantly able to reclaim precious disk space on your Mac.

Browser Plug-ins

Browser Plug-ins

Surfing the net is like our second habit, isn’t it?

You name the browser – Safari, Chrome or even Firefox, these are bound to get accumulated with cookies, cache and other plug-ins. You might not even realize, but these do slow your Mac down.

To speed up my Mac machine, I was prompted to click on the cleanup button. Now, at first, I was scared that it might even delete my Chrome or Safari history or bookmarks. So, I took a leap of faith and clicked on the “clean up” button. I was relieved to see all my bookmarks and internet history in place.

Free Memory free up RAM

Free Memory free up RAM

Sometimes we are left wondering, to where all that precious RAM is going? EaseUS CleanGenius lays that out in front of you by accurately listing active, inactive, wired and free memory in the form of a very comprehensive pie chart. You can free up your RAM by just clicking on that “Free memory” button.

Easily Optimize Startup Applications

Easily Optimize Startup Applications

Too many unnecessary login items don’t just clutter your Mac but even hamper its speed as well. To improve your startup performance, you can choose to keep the important login applications that would appear at the startup.

Duplicate Finder

Duplicate Finder

 To reclaim disk space, this cleanup utility also helps find duplicate files with just a few clicks. It won’t be wrong to say that EaseUS CleanGenius is a smart and foolproof way of finding duplicate files. It allows you to set the file size range. After setting this, you can either click on the smart select or manually get rid of duplicate files.

App Uninstaller

App Uninstaller

We all have those unnecessary system applications, which we hardly use or don’t use at all. CleanGenius comes with an inbuilt app uninstaller which lets you choose which applications you want to keep and which you don’t. With one click, you can get rid of applications that are not needed.

As you can see from the screenshot, you even know exactly how much memory you will be able to free if you uninstall an app. You’ll then be able to reclaim precious disk space.

Disk Usage Manager

Disk Usage Manager

With a variety of files and folders in our Mac, it is not easy to look for those that we want to get rid of. CleanGenius eases up the task for you. It sorts the files and folders according to their type. This makes it simpler to identify unwanted large files. Be it removing such files and folders you can boost your Mac by reclaiming disk space.

The Downsides


Talking of the downsides, there are very few. Firstly, at $ 35.34, you might find it a little pricier than some of its competitors who offer more or less the same features. Also, you might even face compatibility issues especially if you have a higher version Mac (say, 10.14 or above).

If you face an issue like this,

This compatibility issue can quickly be resolved by making a few tweaks in the system preferences. In most MacOS PCs, the issue can be resolved by going to system and preferences and then going to security and privacy and then approving the app.

The Bottomline

EaseUS CleanGenius helps you reclaim the disk space in a safe and secure environment. It doesn’t just help you get rid of large and useless junk files but even does the job of getting rid of duplicate files, unused and unnecessary apps and other kinds of junk. So, do give EaseUS CleanGenius a try and boost your Mac like never before. For more such reviews, keep reading We The Geek. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


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    Camila Saunders
    It really helped me a lot to speed up my Mac. This is an amazing software. Thank a lot!

    4 years ago

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