Do We Really Need Technology For Survival?

If you will look around you will find the world getting overflow of the technology. But a question must’ve surely come to our minds, as to do we really need tech to survive? If yes, then how much? We explored a little and found some interesting facts which are listed here.

  1. When a 64Kb computer with 0.043MHZ Process can take Man to the moon: Do we really need 256 GB, 2.3 GHZ smartphone to book a taxi?

In 1969 when life was very different from today and only the basics of the technology were into the picture. NASA succeed into its mission to place the Man on the Moon. For this purpose, they used computer more basic than the electronics in modern toaster. It was having 64 Kb of memory and 0.043MHZ processor. It allows you to enter some basic values and it controlled space crafts on the basis of these values.

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Success of NASA’s mission is the evidence then a lot can be done with the use of very basic computer. These days we boldly go for high end smartphones without having an idea that what we are going to do with them. Think if you have purchased an expensive smartphone to only make calls and send texts, then you can do this with a basic mobile phone too. If we talk about photography, then the camera used to take first picture of the earth from the space was not even a digital camera.

64Kb computer with 0.043MHZ
Computer used in to take first man to the moon.

Image source: computer weekly.

Camera used to take pictures of earth from space. Image source
Camera used to take pictures of earth from space

Image source:


  1. Machines can help you to recover from illness but there is no machine which can fall ill on your behalf:

Machines of today can do so many things, such as self-driven cars, your smartphone can read messages for you, a machine that automatically manages your laundry. Most certainly tech plays an important role in medical science. but till date there is no machine which can fall ill for you. Even though we have experienced the revolution in the medical science there is dip in the health rate.

Machines can help you to recover from illness

In the era when we use a Fitbit to measure heart rate it may surprise you that first bi pass surgery was performed in 1960 with very basic encampments. Today games are limited to smartphones or PSP. This is why physical work out is gradually getting out of life and after a certain age we found our self-running after Gym trainers and dietitians. Again, an expensive smart watch can tell you how much calories you have burnt today but it does not start burning your calories once you tie it on your wrist.

  1. Use of tech is saving lots of time but where is the saved time?

Whenever we are introduced to new technology first thing we are told that it will save a lot of time but have you ever wondered that where is the saved time. No doubt tech has made the things pretty simpler for us and now tasks of hours can be performed in minutes or even in seconds but are we actually utilizing these hours in something which is really constructive? Tech has made the things even simpler but at the same time tide us up with our gadgets.

Things around us save a lot of time but often, people complain that they have no time. People usually do not have time because they have to rush to watch their favorite TV serial or they are tied up on social networks. Only handful people make use of this spare time in constructive things. Even when we were not surrounded so much by technology we did great things. Some of the greatest inventions of the world took place in early times and what we see today is only the refined form of those great discoveries.

  1. Did tech really brought us closer?

What we believe is that tech has brought us closer to our relatives and friends. It looks so true when you send a funny message in the group of your college friends and all of them react on it but do you remember when did you last been with them. We can book a table to have a lovely dinner with our dear one from our smartphone but when we are actually with our dear ones most of the time we find ourselves busy in our smartphones.

PSP or smartphones

These days, kids sleep at night playing games on PSP or smartphones or reading ebooks on Kindle. But it was totally different back in the days before the arrival of such gadgets. It happens many times that we are with people but we are actually not with them but with our smartphones.

  1. Tech can be used in defense but cannot avoid the War:

You can see several applications of tech in defense. The world is equipped with modern weapons and they have this all self-defense. But we cannot deny the fact that till date there is no technology which can stop people fighting each other, Which can stop countries attacking each other or which can stop terrorist activities. Use of tech in Wars and in other in human activates is the most destructive use of technology. With the use of technology rumors spread very fast which is sometimes responsible to make people panic. We have made weapons using tech for defense purpose but do we understand the risk of getting them in wrong hands. One thing we should always remember that use of weapons can only encourage war or destroy human races it is not they cannot avoid the war or bring the peace.

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  1. Robots can do many things but they cannot baby sit or can take care of you if you are ill. Even they can’t walk with your dogs.

You might have seen robots doing so many things these days. They can play music for you they can clean the floor they can remind you certain things but can they fix your broken heart. No, they can’t can you leave your babies in the hands of a robot they still need your attention and care. Till date robots cannot work as a caretaker for patients. This is all because decision making power of a machine is limited and a machine do not understand emotions like human beings. You cannot even leave your pets with robots so we still require human effort for so many things.

Concluding the things our answer to the question “Do we really need technology for survival?” is definitely No, Tech is not required for the survival but yes, it is required to live a better life. It us up to us that we use it to live a better life or a be eventually crippled by it.

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