Defraggler Review: Make Your PC Faster By Defragmenting Your Files

Defragmentation is the process of arranging the fragments stored in your hard drive and placing similar fragments together. This is one of the requirements of any computer that you have that you get the hard drive defragmented at least once in a fortnight. This will ensure that your data remains secured from being corrupted or damaged as well it can be accessed faster. This guide explains about one such Defragmentation software named Defraggler and how it can be used to optimize your hard disk.

What Is Defragmentation And Why Do You Need It?

Before we start looking at Defraggler’s features, I think it would be best to understand what defragmentation is and why do we need it.

  • When any file (images, movies, audio, documents, etc,) is stored in our hard disk, it is broken down into different fragments and scattered into various sectors of our hard disk with a link or connection.
  • When you open an app or any file, your OS gathers the fragments from various sectors and then opens the file or app. This process is done at lightning speed and you do not realize if your file has been divided into many fragments.
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  • Defragmentation is the process to arrange all the similar fragments of a file and place them together so that your OS does not have to strive hard and locate each fragment when the file or app is launched.
  • Defragmentation has major benefits that will surely appeal to you:
  1. Applications Run Faster. Any application installed on your PC includes several files and folders and if all of them are stored in a sequence next to each other then it would be easier to call upon any specific file related to that app.
  2. Increases Hard Drive Life. Fetching fragments from all over the hard disk requires manual work which is done by the mechanical parts in your hard disk. If the fragments are stored closer then the physical work is done would be less resulting in less wear and tear.
  3. Improved Security. Real-time antivirus solutions take less time to scan a hard drive when it is defragmented.
  4. Protect Data. Defragmentation helps identify bad sectors in your hard drive if any and warns users so that you can run CHKDSK or format it to repair and prevent further damage. Any data that is stored in the bad sectors will be lost and irrecoverable.
  5. Increases Storage Space. Once your hard drive is defragmented you would find your storage space increased without deleting any file. However, the increment is not very large.

So I hope that convinces you why defragmentation is important and now let us understand why Defraggler is the one software out of many that you should choose to install.

Defraggler: A Quick Summary On Features

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Defraggler is a defragmentation software designed by Piriform, the same company that gave us CCleaner, Recuva, and Speccy. Out of all the apps, CCleaner is a household name across the globe that optimizes your computer and improves speed and performance. Hence, you can be assured Defraggler is a well-known developer that has gained the trust of millions around the world.

Some of the most important features of Defraggler are:

Improves PC Speed.  Defraggler collects all the fragments, groups them, and places them as close as possible to their corresponding fragments as possible. This reduces the time it takes to recover each fragment and thus results in a faster PC.

Secure And Safe To Use. Defraggler uses the same technology to cut, copy, paste the files as the Windows OS does, and thus there will be no possible damage to your files.

Defragmentation of Free Space. Many defragmenting applications defrag files only but Defraggler defragments your Free Space as well and collects all the free blocks or sectors together to prevent fragmentation.

Defragmentation of Free Space
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Custom Scans. Defraggler allows users to control the drivers, files, and folders that need to be defragmented and not just the entire hard disk. As this process takes time, it is wise to defragment the hard drive in bits and pieces.

Schedule Process. Defraggler allows users to schedule the defragment process at any time so that the process can complete when you are not using your computer.


Image: CCleaner

The basic version of Defraggler is free of cost and available for all at $0. It is the full version of the software but does not offer Automatic Updates and Premium Support which can be availed for $24.95. And for an additional $5, you can get 3 more applications by Piriform.

CCleaner: One of the best PC optimization software that maintains your computer and cleans all junk, temp, and unwanted files.

Recuva: This application assists to recover accidentally deleted files on your hard drive.

Speccy: This app answers the burning question “What’s Inside My PC?”

The Final Word On Defraggler Review: Make Your PC Faster By Defragmenting Your Files

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