How to Customize Your Android’s Lock Screen in 2023

Android phones have captured a large part of the smartphone’s market share and are very popular due to a lack of restrictions on the Android operating system. Any smartphone running on Android OS can be modified and customized to a great extent. You can choose not to use the default apps provided by the mobile phone manufacturer and install it from a great variety available on the Google Play Store. One such modification among many others is to customize the Android Lock Screen and make it more interesting for the user.

Android Lock Screen is the first screen you encounter when you turn on your phone and unlock to use your phone. There are many features of the Android Lock Screen, which you can customize in different ways.

Methods To Customize The Android Lock Screen Of Your Smartphone.

Method 1. How To Customize The Android Lock Screen Type?

Android allows its users to choose from a variety of lock screen types. In all, there are four types of screen locks, namely Swipe, Pattern, Pin, and Password. Most of the newer phones also allow users to use their fingerprints and face recognition techniques to unlock their phones. But those methods do not include under Android Lock Screen types.

device security

To set or change the current screen lock type, follow these steps:

Step 1. Locate the Settings icon which resembles a gear symbol. It can also be accessed by swiping the notification bar downwards.

security Step 2. From the list of options, choose the setting that is labeled as Security & Lock Screen or something similar.

Step 3. Choose Screen Lock.

Step 4. You will get four options to choose your Android Lock Screen type.

screen lock

The four types of Android Lock screen are:

1) Swipe. It is not actually a lock as anyone can just swipe the screen upwards and unlock the phone.
2) Pattern. This requires the user to join the dots and create a predefined pattern to unlock the phone.
3) Pin. This security measure requires the user to enter four numbers in a sequence to unlock the device.
4) Password. This is a combination of any four letters, which when typed in the correct order will open the device.

screen lock type

Note: If you do not find these options using the steps mentioned above, then access the settings and type Lock Screen in the search bar, which is on the top of the settings panel.

Method 2. How To Customize The Android Lock Screen Wallpaper?

Are you bored of the same wallpaper that you have on your Android smartphone since you bought it? Well,           today is the day when you change it for something more exciting and cheerful. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings of your Android Smartphone by tapping the gear icon.

Step 2. Locate Wallpapers. It could be under Display settings or Customization settings. Otherwise, just type Wallpapers in the search box on the top of the settings panel.

screen lock customisation

Step 3. Once you access the Wallpapers section, look for the Lock Screen customization option or select any image appearing in the wallpaper section. It will give you an option to apply the wallpaper on your Homepage or lock screen.

Note: Some Android smartphones offer this option in their Gallery app as well.

Method 3. How To Customize The Android Lock Screen Message?

An interesting feature of the Android operating system that is not known to all is the message which can be set on the Android Lock Screen. Not all Android phones have this option placed under the same settings. To set a lock screen message,     follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings of your Android Smartphone by tapping the gear icon.

Step 2. Type Lock Screen Message in the search bar on the top of the settings panel.

Step 3. Click the setting and a box will appear asking you to type in a small message.

lock screen message

Step 4. Type in the message and click on OK.

Step 5. The changes will take place with immediate effect and the next time you lock the screen and try to reopen it, the message will be displayed.

Note: You can set anything thing in the message box that will be displayed on the Android Lock Screen. Common suggestions are to set an alternate Phone Number, in case, God forbid, you lose your phone, an honest finder would call the number displayed on the Lock screen and return it to you.

Method 4. How To Customize The Android Lock Screen Notifications?

Notifications on Android Lock Screen are very helpful in a way as just by looking at those notifications we can get a quick glance of the messages received and need not unlock the phone. However, these notifications are visible to anyone who tries to unlock your phone. To disable the notifications on your Android lock screen and keep them a secret, follow these steps:

Step 1. Locate the Settings icon which resembles a gear symbol. It can also be accessed by swiping the notification bar downwards.

Step 2. Click on Notifications option from the list of settings or just type Lock Screen Notifications in the search box on the top of the settings panel.

notification on lock screen

Step 3. Click on the option, and it will give you a small window with three options.

  1. Show important and other notifications
  2. Show Important notifications only
  3. Don’t show notifications.

Step 4. You may choose the option that suits you and the changes will be implicated with immediate effect.

Method 5. How To Customize The Android Lock Screen Through Apps?

All the above-mentioned methods are to customize your Android’s Lock Screen with the inbuilt features. However, if you want to take the extra step then you will have to install an application from the Google Play Store which can let you play around your smartphone settings by applying themes, widgets and modifying fonts and other features as well.

There are many apps available on the Google Play store and my personal favorite is CM Locker as it has a special feature of capturing a snapshot of anyone who enters the wrong password to open your phone.

CM locker

To read more about Best Android Lock Screen Apps, Click on Below Link.

Best App Locks For Android

Your Thoughts On Customize Android Lock Screen Settings

There are many Android Smartphones that have never been customized and remain in their factory default state. I believe if there is an option to change, modify, alter and customize the settings in our Android smartphones then this feature must be availed. Trying out new stuff removes the boredom from our monotonous lives and makes it interesting. Check out these methods of customizing your Android Lock Screen and if you face any issues, then do mention them in the comments section below.

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