How To Create A Recovery Partition In Windows 10

Recovery Partition is perhaps the most important thing you must create in case your operating system crashes due to any reason, including malware attacks. With a recovery partition, you can restore your files and operating system to normal and continue your daily task from the point you left them. The all-new O&O Disk Image tool helps users on how to create a recovery partition in Windows 10 using quick and easy steps.

What Is The O&O DiskImage Recovery Partition Software?

Create A Recovery Partition
Image: O&O DiskImage

The O&O DiskImage RecoveryPartition is a backup or image creation program that is used to create a recovery partition in your computer’s hard disk. Ordinarily, you need a CD or USB external drive to create this recovery partition and boot in cases of a system crash. However, because external disks might not be found when needed the most, it is advised to create a recovery partition in your current hard drive. The O&O DiskImage RecoveryPartition creates an integrated recovery environment that helps make your PC operational in a working condition during boot issues.

Apart from resolving the most important question on how to make a recovery partition, this application can help create backups of your files which can be restored easily when required. The backup files can be stored on the recovery partition created by O&O DiskImage or any external disk.

In cases of PC crashes and Windows Blue Screen errors, the O&O DiskImage boot environment will start automatically. With a few steps, you can select the backup to recover your operating system and restore it to the previous stable version.

How To Create A Recovery Partition In Windows 10

Using O&O Diskimage.

O&O Diskimage is an easy-to-use software with an intuitive interface. Here are the steps on how to make a recovery partition on your computer.

Step 1: Download and Launch the O&O Disk Image software and choose the Recovery Media option from the welcome screen

Using O&O Diskimage

Step 2: The next step involves choosing between creating a new partition or using an existing partition.

creating a new partition

Step 3: Click on the Create New Partition and choose the drive on which you wish to create an image of your hard disk.

Create New Partition

Step 4: Wait for the process to complete. It will take time depending on the size of your hard drive and the number of files you have.

Wait for the process to complete

Step 5: After the process completes, you can check your partition using the Create a Bootable Disk option located in the top menu.

Create a Bootable Disk

Step 6: The created partition can be deleted anytime and a new disk image can be created with the steps mentioned above.

O&O Disk Image is the best bet on how to make a recovery partition in Windows 10 without hassles.

O&O Disk Image

The Final Word On How To Create A Recovery Partition In Windows 10

How to make a recovery partition and taking a backup of your files are important tasks and the best tool to use for this purpose is O&O DiskImage. This application saves all personal files, individual settings, and hard disk information when taking a backup. With O&O DiskImage, one can save personal files, save time to install the OS and applications again, and save time to configure the settings as well. Another important feature of O&O DiskImage is that the image created can be used on a different computer. This is possible due to the integrated Machine Independent Restore function that restores your software irrespective of hardware brand.

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FAQs –

Can you create a recovery partition in Windows 10?

It is possible to create a recovery partition using O&O DiskImage on the current hard disk installed in your PC or any external drive. This recovery partition will help to boot your system during system crashes.

What happens when I restore from a custom recovery partition?

If you cannot boot your system normally and have created a custom recovery partition with O&O DiskImage, then your system will boot into the O & O DiskImage Environment. Select the latest stable backup image and your system will boot normally allowing you to complete your work.

Where do I add a new partition in Windows 10?

The new partition will be added to your current hard disk installed on your PC. You can create the new partition on a different external disk like CD or USB. But it is advised to create on the same hard disk because it makes the recovery process faster and smoother.

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