Cool Concept Gadgets for A Brighter Future Part 3


Bringing more amazing futuristic concept gadgets in this blog. Technology and imagination is advancing at a much faster pace beyond bounds and limits.

Here are some cool concept gadgets, that will transform your life completely because these gadgets are the revolutionised version of the existing devices with the combination of new and upcoming technologies.

1. Digit MP3 Concept –


We all listen to music on our MP3s and mobiles, with mobiles we have Bluetooth headphones but now with MP3. How about having a dedicated wireless MP3?

Lisbon based Portugese designer Nuno Teixeira, designed an ultra slim MP3 player named as Digit MP3. This user-friendly MP3 device gives you a complete freedom from wires by pairing it with wireless headsets. Digit MP3 would come with 20GB Storage and full-color display.

It would make a great fashion accessory with its rounded and most fluid shapes of the gadget Digit MP3. This gadget would be loved by all because of the appearance of it as it has wireless headphones and reduced height makes it very pocket friendly.

2. The USBee –


A Serbian Designer Damjan Stankovic gave a new concept design for USB Flash Drives. The new design prevents the USB drives from the damage that is often caused in the conventional USB Drives because of the stiff protruding structure.

This USB flash drive is designed with an elastic neck which bends in any axis when pushed which makes it easy to use in tight spaces. It is of the shape and color of Bee and hence named so. It has a vented housing of cooling and a detachable protective cap which could be snapped at the back end of the device.

3. Polygon Concept Bike –


The concept bike inspired by the structure of the Human DNA was designed by Roundly Allendra. This is a very cool concept design for the bike riders. The bike has controls for both the standard bike and for IPOD or MP3 Player.

The bike has an adjustable steering with an attached music player. The bike has the system to harness the power by peddling which gets stored in the battery. The bike has a headlight and a taillight which is self-powered by the peddling.

The bike has a dock for iPod and MP3 players and it also has a charging dock which also gains power by peddling. There is no built-in speaker but the headphone jack has been placed in a spot where it won’t obstruct handling and prevent it from tangling.

4. Spokeless Wheels Bike –


Designer Bradford Waugh gave a new and interesting concept of bicycle with spoke less wheels. the basic aim was to make the biking more stylish and lightweight and Bradford named it as Nulla which means nothing.

Bradford developed a minimalist bike using the new materials which are lighter and resistant alloys. Using these materials, he developed the concept of wheels without central frame and spokes. Not just that, the bike doesn’t have chains like the usual bikes and the pedals transmit kinetic force directly on the wheels.

5. Flee –


Hakan Bogazpinar gave a new way of using the digital camera i.e. Just Throw and Click with Flee Digital Camera. Something weird right! The method is just simple, you need to throw this camera like a football and it takes your picture as it travels away from you. The photo shots taken are transferred to your cell phone through Bluetooth.

“Flee” digital camera consists of 2 units. One that is the digital camera which takes your picture and a Bluetooth receiver which is plugged in the mobile phone to decode and store images. The other best feature is that this camera is user friendly which lets you customize the time interval between 2 pictures.

6. The Grasshopper Electric Bike –


Grasshopper is a foldable electric bicycle designed by David Gonclaves, which is not only a means of transportation but can also be transformed into a trolley for easy transport and a stationary exercise bike. Composite materials are used in the making of the bicycle to provide it rigidity and strength.

There are many other features that makes this electric bike different from others. This bike can generate and store kinetic energy. The battery in the Bicycle recharges through the regenerative braking and stationary bicycling. The target market for this bike comprises of all the people who live in hilly and mountainous terrain, and urban people concerned about environment and health.

7. Scarab –


One more amazing vehicle design by David Gonclaves inspired from the styling features of the Tron. Scarab is an ultra-compact single passenger electric vehicle with all the thrill of motorcycle with the safety of an enclosed cab.

The electric vehicle is designed with a flat shape for speed driving and this could be changed to an inclined state for space conscious urban travel. The vehicle is designed with multiple driving modes – fast to slow, perfect park mode, sensors, Lidar, radar, transponders and GPS.

8. World’s Lightest Cash Register –


The world’s lightest cash register concept is inspired by the sleek design of Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. This amazing device is named as EPOS Lite and could be used in hospitality stores. This device is a combination of compact cash register and built-in menu.

Some of the features are built-in food and drink menu, payment options and wireless charging. Stephen Allport from UK designed this device which seems to be perfect for use in the Hotels. Customers could place and customize their order sitting at the table through it and can keep updating the order without any need of calling the waiter. It would help the restaurants to utilize the resources at the more needed places.

9. Torch Lamp –


This amazingly simple and beautiful lamp concept is given by Julien Bergignat. This lamp has dual functionality. This lamp could be detached from the stand and used as a portable torch when needed.

There are 3 reasons that makes this car interesting. It comes with unusual way to switch on and off the lamp i.e. you just need to turn the party over the golden ring. The aesthetic design makes it suitable for any room and you can take it to any place in your house. This lamp is made up of aluminum, stainless steel, polymethyl with battery lithium ion.

All the gadgets in the above list are completely unique and justify the said fact in the introduction i.e “The Revolutionised Version of our Everyday Devices”.

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