How to Change Where Screenshots Are Saved on Windows 10 / 11?

We all love taking screenshots on our PC and capturing the current moment displayed on the screen as an image. And, you probably use the Print Screen(PrtScr) key to capture the screen to your clipboard and then use a photo editing software like MS Paint to paste your screenshot and then save it.

But did you know that if you press the Windows key + PrtScn together, a screenshot is automatically captured and saved in the default Screenshots folder on your PC? The default screenshots folder can be located under This PC folder in the Pictures System Folder. However, you may want to change the location of this folder, if, for instance, you frequently take screenshots and don’t want the other user to see what screenshots you have taken or where you have saved them.

This guide helps users to change the location of the default screenshot folder on a Windows 11/10 PC.

How to Change Where Screenshots Are Saved on Windows 10, 11

If you use a common built-in shortcut to take screenshots in Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can relocate your Screenshots folder to a new location. This is how you do it.

Step 1: Press Windows + E on your keyboard to open File Explorer. You can also pick “File Explorer” by right-clicking the Start button.

Step 2: Click on This PC in the left panel and then click on Pictures.


Step 3: Once you are in the Pictures folder, locate the Screenshots folder and make a right-click on it to reveal the context menu.

Pictures folder

Step 4: Choose Properties from the context menu.

Step 5: The properties box will open on the screen. Click on the Location tab here.

Location tab

Step 6: You can write in the file location text box where Windows should save its screenshots in the future. Alternatively, you can use the Move button to manually locate the new screenshot destination folder.

Step 7: When you’ve found the place you wish to use, click the “Select Folder” button, then “OK” in the Screenshot Properties window to confirm your changes.

Screenshot Properties

Step 8: If Windows asks if you want to relocate existing screenshot files to the new directory, choose “Yes”.

Step 9: If you want to restore the Screenshots folder to its original location, then click on the Restore Default button.

Restore Default

TweakShot Screen Capture: The Ultimate Tool For Screenshots

TweakShot Screen Capture

TweakShot Screen Capture is a fantastic utility for Windows PC users. This is one of the most versatile screen capture programs that are available. Take a screenshot, edit photos, create screencasts, and save them to the cloud. You can take screenshots in a variety of formats, including full screen, single tab, selected region, and scrolling screenshots.

How to Change Where Screenshots Are Saved

1. Download, install and run TweakShot Screen Capture.

2. Open Settings as shown in the screenshot below.

TSC settings_Change Where Screenshots Are Saved on Windows 11
3. From the left-hand side, click on Screen Shot.

browsing folder_Change Where Screenshots Are Saved on Windows 11

4. From the right-hand side,  click on the checkbox Use custom screenshot folder and then click on the Browse button under it.

5. Select a folder on your computer’s hard drive and click on Select Folder.

6. Click on Close.

Now, all the screenshots that you have captured using TweakShot Screen Capture will be saved on the location you have selected. You can always open your chosen screenshot folder by clicking on Settings and then Open ScreenShots Folder as shown in the screenshot below.

TSC settings_Change Where Screenshots Are Saved on Windows 11

After you’ve captured the screen, you may effortlessly upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox. The screen capture tool also has editing capabilities. You may use the tools to swiftly modify photographs, save them, and share them.

Choosing a Location

From the active window, select a region or area that you want to capture.

Scrolling Window Capture

Simply scroll the web page or window and it will grab everything with a single click!

Color Picker for the Screen

Colors can be chosen from photographs on the screen, or color codes can be copied to make designing easier.

Screenshot of an Active Window

Take a screenshot of a specific active window and leave the rest to the program.

Image Editor

Create your photos and edit screenshots with a comprehensive set of powerful image editing tools. Add annotations to images and use Image Editor to alter them.

The Final Word On How to Change Where Screenshots Are Saved on Windows 10, 11

The above steps can help you change the default location of the Screenshot folder and restore it to its default state. You can also choose to use TweakShot Screen Capture which is an efficient tool with many advanced features over the Windows default method.

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