CCleaner Cloud Review : Application To Manage Multiple Computers

This article is a tried and tested review of the CCleaner Cloud – an app designed to optimize and manage multiple systems at the same time without actually having to be physically present in front of the machines. The optimization process on all systems can be done remotely from any computer provided the machines are powered on and connected to the internet. With CCleaner Cloud, the IT personnel do not need remote access for each cleaning session and also do not require a person to be near the PC they want to optimize.

CCleaner Cloud
Image: CCleaner

What Is Optimization?

Optimization refers to the process of maintaining and managing your computer. It includes a tune-up of the PC and removing junk and temporary files. It also facilitates the removal of cache and cookies from your system. Apart from the junk removal process, you can also easily perform a complete uninstallation of all your redundant and unknown apps. Optimization applications also check for malware and assist users to identify the apps which automatically start up every time the computer boots.

So What Exactly is CCleaner Cloud?

CCleaner Cloud is an amazing PC optimization software developed by Piriform, the same organization that had developed CCleaner application to optimize home computers. There are other popular products from the same developers like Recuva, Defraggler, Speccy, and CCleaner Browser. These applications are utilities that help perform certain tasks in our PC so that it can be optimized and deliver flawless performance. CCleaner Cloud takes this feature one step further because it manages and optimizes multiple systems from one PC with a master account, breaking the barriers of being present at the physical location of any other computers.

What tasks can you perform with CCleaner Cloud (Features)?


CCleaner Cloud
Image Courtesy: CCleaner


Before you download CCleaner Cloud, let us check the features of this application and what it can do on a PC. All the tasks mentioned here can be performed on all the computers connected to your CCleaner Cloud account. Here is a list:

Protects your Privacy.

CCleaner Cloud helps users to protect their privacy by deleting cookies and cache which store personal information like browsing history, search results, and choices made.

Fixes Your Registry.

The Windows Registry is an important database that records every setting made. This tool helps to remove the broken entries and fix others that are corrupt and thus improving the stability of the system.

Defragments Your Hard Drive.

CCleaner Cloud allows users to defragment the hard drive and make their system fast. This process also stores the similar fragments of the data together and this reduces the time and effort it takes to retrieve any file on the hard disk.


CCleaner Cloud


Task Scheduling

CCleaner Clouds permits its users to plan optimizing tasks so that they can be scheduled at the preordained time without the requirement of input from the user.

Performing Tasks In Batches.

With CCleaner Cloud, you can decide action and have it performed on multiple computers at the same time. For example, if you wish to install software on all your computers, then you can schedule it and modify the settings to facilitate installation on all your client computers at once.

Support Different Clients.

CCleaner Cloud supports Small Businesses and Big Enterprises along with Managed Service Providers.

CCleaner Cloud: Specifications & Requirements.

CCleaner Cloud
Image Courtesy: CCleaner


Here are the basic requirements that must be met to install this application on your computer.

Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7 (32/64 bit)

Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher.


Storage: 2 GB

Direct X: Version 10

These requirements are very basic and do not require any special or expensive hardware to be installed in your system.

CCleaner Cloud: Pricing

Trial version One PC/One Year One PC/Three Year
Price $0 20/Year/Computer $50/Year/Computer
Duration 14 days 365 days 365 days
Devices 1 1 1

Note: You can add multiple computers to your account and will be charged on a per-computer basis. There are no plans which allow a certain number of PCs like 10 PC plan or 20 PC plan. CCleaner believes that the customer must pay only for the number of computers he/she has added to the account.

CCleaner Cloud: Pros & Cons


CCleaner Cloud



  • Saves Time & Effort
  • Reduces Cost
  • Optimize computers anytime, anywhere


  • Cannot take remote access
  • Slightly higher priced

CCleaner Cloud: An Alternative

CCleaner Cloud is undoubtedly one of the best cloud optimization applications in the market. But there is a new alternative when it comes to cloud maintenance software and one such application is Cloud Tuneup Pro. The main purpose and functions of this program are safe as CCleaner Cloud with a few additions to the feature’s list.

  • Cloud Tuneup Pro helps users to scan and remove malware and other potential threats from all computers connected to your account.
  • It provides real-time access to certain details of all computers like the current tasks scheduled and running, memory and CPU resources consumption, and hard disk capacity.
  • Cloud Tuneup Pro ensures that any change in the system settings of any of the computers is notified via email to the administrator account.
  • Moreover, it is currently offered at a cheaper price of $5 per year per computer, provided you opt for the package of 10 computers.

The Final Verdict On CCleaner Cloud: An Innovation Application To Manage Multiple Computers.

Optimization of your computer has become an important part of using it. And hence, CCleaner Cloud has become a necessity instead of a choice. One of the biggest advantages of CCleaner cloud is that users do not have to purchase individual licenses of optimization applications for each computer they have. Instead, one license allows you to add the number of computers at a very nominal rate. We think CCleaner Cloud is a great option if you have to optimize more than one computer and manage them.

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