How To Capture Screenshot And Video With The Same Tool

You need two different applications if you wish to capture a screenshot of what you can see on your screen or record a video of all displayed on your screen. However, capturing a screen as an image or video is a related task, so you should have a single easy-to-use tool to perform both of these tasks. And today, we are going to describe TweakShot Screen Capture, which can help you to capture screenshots and videos.

How To Capture Screenshot And Video With The Same Tool

With TweakShot Screen Capture, you can capture screenshots and record videos. Follow these steps to capture your screen and record video:

Step 1: Click the download icon below to access the official TweakShot Screen Capture website.

Step 2: Double-click the executable installation file you downloaded to launch it, then follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation.

Step 3: This application will provide a fully working 7-day trial mode upon initial installation on your PC. You must purchase the software when the trial period has ended.

Step 4: Click Continue Evaluation for the Time Being to launch the software. On your screen, a brief bar will eventually appear.

Step 5: The application interface allows you to choose from several settings. Several methods for taking screenshots do not involve cropping WIN + PRTSCR screenshots.


Capture Single Window: Using the option “Capture Single Window,” you can only capture a screenshot of an open, active window on your screen.

Capture Region: Users can choose a rectangle-shaped section of the screen from anywhere on it and only capture screenshots of that region using the Capture Region option.

Full-Screen Capture: With the help of this module, users can capture an image of their entire screen.

Capture Scrolling Window: With this fantastic feature, you may snap a picture of a large image that isn’t entirely on your screen. Getting a screenshot of an entire web page is helpful.

Capture Video: The final option is to capture a video of what is being displayed on your screen.

Step 6: Choose an option and then drag the mouse to choose the window you want to capture.

Step 7: Once the active window has been selected for capture, click the mouse to snap the photo and open it in the built-in editor so you can make any necessary edits.


Step 8: Click the Save button to save your capture in the desired location.

TweakShot Screen Capture: Capture Images Or Videos Of Your Screen


The best way to capture screenshots, edit them, and produce results. You can screenshot an active window, the entire screen, or any rectangle region using TweakShot Screen Capture. Some basic editing features include cropping, highlighting, and scaling.

An image of the entire screen: You can use it to copy a full page from an open browser.

Utilizing the capture window: If you have numerous windows open, snap a photo of the one that is currently active.

Edit pictures: Various effective image processing techniques can be used to take images and alter screenshots. Editing and annotating images can improve them.

Decide on a location: Choose the region or area you want to capture from the active window.

A scrolling window for capturing. By scrolling the window or webpage, you may find anything quickly and with ease.

The color picker for the screen: To simplify construction, colors can be selected from screen images or derived from color codes.

Use in business: To be evaluated afterward, record your online conference or video presentation. It also makes it simple to capture audio commentary from webcam feeds.

The Final Word: How To Capture Screenshot And Video With The Same Tool?

TweakShot Screen Capture is an easy-to-use application with an intuitive user interface. You can easily use this app to capture screenshots and videos of your screen. Try this software today before you buy it, and you can experience using it through the trial version.

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