How to Print Web Page Without Ads on Mac OS


You want to print a html page from web on your Mac OS, but it is full of ads. What will you do in such a situation? Chances are, you will copy it in a word document, delete the ads and then print? But, don’t you think it is the most lengthy, tedious and time consuming process? Surely, it is.

We understand your problem, therefore to help you we have some helpful tips that will make printing a cakewalk on Mac.

You will need to use Safari Reader mode in Mac OS, OS X  to get these tricks working.

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Steps to Print focused Web Page Articles

To print a focused article you need to follow the steps described below:

  1. Open Safari as we will be using the Reader mode, next open the web page or article you want to print the simplified version off.
  2. Next, click on the reader button and enter into Reader mode (alternatively, you can even get it from the “View” menu from here choose “Show Reader”)show reader view
  3. This way you can redraw the selected web page into Reader mode, and have a much focused viewing and reading experiencemac readSee Also: How To Clean Cache On Your Mac
  4. Next open the “File” menu and choose “Print” to get the webpage printed.print page
  5. Once you hit the Print option you will get a new window from where you can adjust printing settings as needed. If you wish to include a webpage title or some notes, choose “Print Headers and Footers” and then choose “Print”
    print header and footer

After adjusting the settings you can print the filtered version of the document. Wasn’t it simple to get a clear version of the data without losing focus.

You can use the same method to create simpler versions of web pages and articles to print to a PDF from a Mac.

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Wrap Up

So by we hope you know how to use the reader version to get a simplified version of the webpage. To see it by yourself just try the steps and get a web page article printed without ads and the other with it.

Usually when you print an article from Safari, you end up printing page data, including layouts, logos, links, ads, sidebar, and other information that just isn’t necessary.

wrap up text

If you compare it with the Reader version of the same article printed out from Safari, you will see the article has been simplified with no layouts, logos, ads, links, sidebars, and other data:

simplified text

The “Reader” version of a printed page uses less page and will definitely use ink as well since there is simply less data being printed out.

This is a great trick to print out simplified version of a webpage, particularly since it will reduce ink and paper usage. We hope you found this article helpful, please let us know in comments.

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