How To Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Stuck On Checking For Updates?

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most played games out there but not everyone can enjoy this amazing game due to crashes and launching issues. While the developers are trying to fix these issues through patches, we have another issue on hand where games have reported Warzone stuck on checking for updates. This guide will explain the best possible methods to fix Call of Duty Warzone stuck on Checking for Updates.

How To Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Stuck On Checking For Updates?

warzone stuck on checking for update

The reason for this error has not been identified and hence there is no exact resolution as such yet. However, these methods have been recommended on various gaming forums by experts and have seemed to resolve the error for many. We have listed the best possible resolutions that would make a difference to your gaming experience. You need not follow all the methods and remember to check the game after each step. If the Warzone stuck on checking for update issue is resolved, then you may ignore the remaining steps.

Fix # 1. Restart Your Internet Connection

warzone stuck on checking for update


Most people do not restart their router/modem for days and this causes issues with the network connectivity. It is now recommended by all ISPs to reboot all your devices once in 24 hours. This helps to delete the current DNS cache and renew your static IP address. Here are steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Turn off the electrical socket that powers your modem/ router.

Step 2: Unplug the Power cord from the back of your device.

Step 3: Wait for 60 secs and then plug it back in and turn on the power socket.

Step 4: Wait for some time for the router to complete the reboot process.

Step 5: Once you are back online, check if the issue persists.

Fix # 2. Repair Game Files

The next step recommended by experts for Warzone stuck on checking for updates is to scan and repair the game files on your hard drive. In case you have missing or corrupted files then you can get any possible error, including this one. Here are the steps to fix this issue:

Step 1: Launch client.

Step 2: On the left side, locate Call Of Duty listed under partner games and then click on Options on the right panel followed by a click on Scan & Repair.

Step 3: Click on Begin Scan and wait for some time.

Step 4: Relaunch and check if Warzone is still stuck on checking for updates.

Fix # 3: Change DNS Settings

Many experts have recommended that a change of DNS settings will help resolve Warzone issues including Checking for Updates. Here are the steps to modify the DNS settings:

Step 1: Click on the computer icon on the right bottom of your screen and then click on Network & Settings.

Step 2: In the new window that opens, click on Change Adapter Options.

Step 3: Now select your network adapter and make a right-click followed by a click on Properties.

Step 4: Next, in the new box, locate Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select it.

warzone stuck on checking for update


Step 5: Now, click on Properties and then click the radio button next to Use the following DNS server addresses and type the following information:

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:


warzone stuck on checking for update


Step 6: Click on Ok and restart your computer for changes to take effect.

Fix # 4: Update Drivers.

The final troubleshooting method to fix Warzone stuck on checking for updates is to update your network drivers. Even if your internet connection is working fine and you can browse the internet, it is recommended to update network drivers. This will ensure that all apps can access your internet connection smoothly and flawlessly. There are two ways to update your network drivers:

Option 1: Download & Install updated drivers from the website.

If you happen to know the model and make of your network card then you can download and install the updated drivers from the official website. This method requires time and effort as well as the person to attempt this must-have basic tech skills of download, extraction, and installation process.

Option 2: Use Advanced Driver Updater.

If you want an easier way to update your network driver then you can opt to use driver updater software like Advanced Driver Updater. This application can scan your computer’s hardware and drivers installed in no time. It then searches for the most updated drivers available and replaces the existing drivers after taking a backup. Here are the steps to use ADU on your PC.

Step 1: Download and install this program first from the official link provided below.

Step 2: After it is installed, launch the application and click on the Start Scan Now button to begin the scanning process.


Advanced Driver Updater


Step 3: The detected driver issues will appear on your screen. Locate your network driver and click the Update driver link next to it.


Advanced Driver Updater


Step 4: Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

The Final Word On How To Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Stuck On Checking For Updates?

These steps will help to resolve Call of Duty Warzone stuck on checking for updates. You can try each one and then check if the issue has been resolved. Updating drivers helps to ensure that your PC works in a faultless and smooth manner. It also helps to resolve many minor issues. Updating manually is a bit difficult process and we recommend you opt for Advanced driver Updater to ease the process.

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