Buying A Refurbished MacBook? 5 Essential Tips To Keep In Mind

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Buying an Apple MacBook surely sounds a costly affair, especially when you are unsure about its features, disk space or whether your professional software will be supportive or not. For all cases like that, a refurbished or a second-hand Mac can break the ice halfway.

Excited? Great! But do you think checking mere physical damage and a quick discussion with the first-hand owner can solve all the problems? Totally, No! To remain safe from any kind of trouble in the future, let’s explore some unavoidable tips that you must keep in mind.

1. Identify The Age Of Mac

Before you move ahead to buy the second-hand Mac, make sure to confirm the serial number. Find out this serial number by clicking on the Apple icon on the top-left of the screen > About this Mac. The next pop-up will let you know other details like Processor, Memory, etc. as well.

macOS Mojave

Once the serial number is found out, open and enter the serial number. Enter the verification code and the details about the device show up including the date of purchase, warranty, etc.

2. Check The Health Of Used MacBook

From health here, we mean to keep a note of its battery life! No laptop ever has a lifelong battery and buying a new one can cost approximately $200 without taxes. Surely, you do not want to spend more bucks in this situation.

Understand that an Apple battery counts 1000 load cycles providing its worst-case presentation.

As a second-hand Mac buyer, you should demand its value less than 500, safest case. Now how to find out the battery of refurbished Mac?

Hold the ‘Option’ key along with Apple icon on top-left and click on ‘System Information’. A new window comes up, click on ‘Power’ from the left slide and note the ‘Health Information’. Though if you wish to slide in official details, click the support page.

System Information
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3. Confirm The Receipt + Key Check

If you are satisfied with the checks above, ask for the original receipt or digital copy (comes with online purchase). This is necessary to have an idea whether this second-hand MacBook is stolen or purchased authentically.

Apart from it, open the laptop and use all the keys. It has to be taken care that every key is working without any trouble and letters are printing on-screens swiftly.

Also, do not forget to check the display conditions or any type of color error.

4. Do Not Miss To Run Built-in Hardware Test

This is kind of really important before giving the green signal. Though the process of testing its hardware will take approximately an hour, it expresses the inner condition of the MacBook. How? Remove all the external attachments including mouse, keyboard and place the laptop on a flat surface.

  • Shut down the MacBook and restart with the power button.
  • Long press ‘D’ key until the Apple Hardware Test icon appears on the screen.
  • Select your language, click the Right arrow. Optionally, you can also select ‘Perform Extended Testing’. Now click the ‘Test’ button.
  • Once the test is done, check the result and analyze it in detail.

5. Use Cleanup My System –

Bravo! Your MacBook is finally home now. But before you start working on it, take it through the process of optimization as a safety ritual. For that, Cleanup My System will assist you with a very simple interface.

Cleanup My System



  • Clean up your second-hand MacBook in few clicks. If the previous user has left cache files, log files or redundant applications, the software will remove them all.
  • Saves the disk space by removing any unnecessary applications or large files.
  • The option of manual cleaning is also available to customize the process.
  • Mail Attachments tool removes all the unwanted downloads from emails from the refurbished Mac.
  • Throws away all the junk that can slow down the speed of your Mac.

Great, isn’t it?

Opening Up Your Re-Newed Laptop

After passing through all the steps mentioned above, your Mac is ready! Browse the websites, download new files, organize them or do anything, the laptop will behave like your own new asset. But make sure that each of the steps is taken seriously so as to avoid any kind of difficulty in the near time.

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