5 Best WW2 games for PC In 2023

When someone talks about Wars, all we can think is guns, ammo, bloodshed, and soldiers’ bravery. Not everyone can be a part of the army, however, experiencing the heat, quiver, tension and performing death-defying action stunts are possible. With Warfare games, you can live the past and get a chance to be a hero, at least in reel-life. What could be more engaging than the World War II-based games on your PC?

People from all over the world love to get into the games which helps them experience patriotism for their nation. From first-person shooting games to real-time strategy games, you can find a lot of games to help you encounter everything from that time.

What makes this genre most popular is the demand of the real-life scenario depictions or fiction-based storylines. A lot of strategies followed, conspiracies, lives put in danger is what World War II was about. It is, therefore, the best to follow this battle on a video game where players find themselves in that era.

Best World War II PC Games

Game lovers have a niche for everything, War games rank the highest among the popular lists. Here we discuss the best WW2 games for PC in a list created by us.

 1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Even after 20 years of its release, this one game is on the top for the list of World War II games. Call of Duty is one of the finest first-person shooter video game for PC. It depicts World War II along with amazing sound and graphics quality. The storyline is so gripping you will be addicted to it in no time. For a single-player, it has 3 stories and for multiplayer, it got 6 stories to keep you engaged. Play the role of the dedicated soldier who works with its own personality to fight for the nation. The game has wonderfully pictured the squad movements and the public reactions for all actions.

Game mode – Single-player, Multiplayer.

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2. Order of War


Order of War is a real-time strategy war game. This one covers the last chapter of World War II, which includes a lot of bloodsheds. You can either play a part as German fighting the Soviets or the other party. The different soldiers, in their respective units, can work on your command. The artillery, tanks, aircraft, soldiers all work on your behalf. The notion builds to defeat the other soldiers and keep fighting until you win the war. The great graphics which covers all the details of the war scenes. Players get to choose between the conflicts with a story line and depiction.

Game mode – Single-player, Multiplayer.

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3. Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV was released in 2016 with the successful predecessors. It is one of the grand strategy war games which has popular among PC gamers. This WW2 PC game will let you play from any of the nations and at any time given in between 1936 or 1939. Although the game concludes in 1948 and you do not get to see the end of the World War. It has the land, water, and air space divided for the ground, naval and air forces to work upon. The player can train the soldiers to be ready for the combat and get to choose which provinces to work upon. Enjoy this through story and fight for your nation to make it victorious against others.

Game mode – Single-player, Multiplayer.

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4. Company of Heroes 2

Company of heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is another milestone that conquers the hearts of PC gamers. It falls in the category of real-time strategy games. This World War II portrayal consists of stories of flashbacks from a Lieutenant. This begins with the Battle of Stalingrad 1942, the focus in the game is on controlling the Red Army. The players win the fuel credits within the game to assemble the squad together. With a different level of soldiers come various grades that will call for their actions. Vehicles and weapons can be upgraded as the game progresses. This one is sure to try if you love some World War II PC game baseline which looks very real.

Game mode – Single-player, Multiplayer.

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5. War Front Turning Point

War Front Turning Point  Screenshot 1

War Front Turning Point unfolds an alternative version of World War II and therefore the name. You can change the fate of many with this game as a player in the Storyline where Great Britain is captured by Germany. The weapons in the game are fictional which gives a lot to experiment with. The fighter planes, tanks, Shield generators, Freeze rays, Exoskeleton mechs, are some of the weapons used making it very intriguing. The game uses a Real-Time Strategy to cover other units in the war front. The graphics of the game make it a gritty experience to enjoy the first shooter WW2 PC game.

Game mode – Single-player, Multiplayer.

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Wrapping Up:

All the above games are full of zest and capable of giving a feel of being in the WW2 era. Some of the games have better graphics and sound quality than others such as Call Of Duty. You can try the Company of Heroes for the best storyline which keeps the players gripped into it. We have covered the best of the WW2 PC games for you. Please let us know in the comments section below for which game did you like the best. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world.

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