Best Wireless Charger for Latest Line of iPhone

Battery drain is a common problem faced by all smartphone users. To cater to this, they have to carry a charging cable and outlet adapter or need to look for an outlet to power up the device. This can sometimes be annoying and frustrating, which is why the introduction of wireless charging, has been welcomed with quite some enthusiasm.

Wireless charging eliminates phone charging wires, and makes charging easy and quick. This technology has been around for a while but had not gained much popularity up until now. Many Android phones already offer wireless charging and now Apple with its latest iPhone series: iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 offers Qi wireless charging. The latest iOS 11.2 has added faster 7.5-watt wireless charging.

Qi “CHEE” makes it possible for the users to use pre-existing chargers to charge the latest iPhone series.

Today we bring for you a list of best chargers from expensive to cheap that share the same technology. Till the time air charging announced by Apple is released you can use them:

Best Wireless Charger for iPhone in 2017

High-End Chargers

Belkin Boost Up:

belkin boost up high end iphone charger

Belkin is one of the finest charger in this category and is recommended by Apple for its iPhone X and iPhone 8. It comes with a non-slippery surface that holds the device well and the single led light helps user know when the device is charged. Also, the 7.5 watt transmitter coil is appropriate to charge the latest iPhone.

mophie wireless charger

A new charging plate that you can look for, apart from Belkin. An AC adapter with simple design, it offers fast wireless charging and comes in a single color (black). It charges Qi enabled devices and has a 7.5 Watt of charging power, the one iPhone can handle but without a wall adapter.


samsung wireless charger

A terrific wireless charger that powers up your iPhone by holding it upright for you to see the display. It comes in different color variants black, white, gold and silver. Also, it uses universal micro USB connector. The wall adapter and 7.5-watt power supply make it one of the best in the category. The inbuilt LED light tells if phone is charged, also, the built-in fan helps the charging coil to remain cool.

Low Cost Wireless Chargers


anker low cost wireless charger

A fast charging pod with sleek design, Anker comes with 2 power supply modes 10W and 5W respectively. 10W is for fast charging devices whereas 5W is for non-fast charging devices. The inbuilt LED, pulses slowly while charging, making it less disturbing at night.


It falls under the affordable wireless charging pod that can handle horizontal or vertical charging. You can watch a video and charge both at the same time. Like Mophie’s pad it is fast charging, supports all Qi compatible devices and is practical to use. But there is one thing you may not like about the device, its plastic rimmed design which attracts dust. which means you would need to clean it often. Despite that it is the best device for the price it is offered.


The Ikea Riggad comes in shape of a table lamp that has wireless charging at its base. Meaning it is useful even when not used for charging iPhone. Perfect for your modern home and your stylish iPhone, it transmits power wirelessly at 5 watts, and boasts a USB port that helps to charge a second device concurrently. Not only does it look like a lamp but also provides light ideal for reading.

Fonesalesman WoodPuck Bamboo Edition

The wooden base charger makes wireless charging easy and fun. It is a lightweight tortoiseshell bamboo charger that comes in a choice of two colors. Perfect match for your home and for your phone.

Apple AirPower

The ultimate charging pad for iPhone announced to be released in 2018 is perfect to charge 3 devices at a time. It’s a long wait, so, till then you can use the other available options.

It has a beautiful design that compliments all your Apple devices. It also uses a Lightning cable, unlike any of the other options listed here, so it’s perfect for Apple fans.
These chargers will make your wait for Apple AirPower easy without having to spend much. They will surely make your life wire free when it comes to phone charging.

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