Best Tech Gags to Celebrate Fool’s Day 2023

No matter how old we grow but we’re all kids at heart, isn’t it? Whether you agree or not but there’s one witty prankster inside us all, who loves to play tricks everyone. If you’re one of these oddballs then we must remind you that today’s the 1st of April. It’s the official fool’s day where you can trick your close ones with pranks, gags, clever and cringe-worthy gimmicks and what not. (For the sake of a good laugh, of course)

april fools day
Image Source: Global News

The legacy of celebrating Fool’s day is being followed since long and we will not break this tradition this year too, right? Well, not just you, even the major tech brands are not holding them from celebrating Fool’s day with y’all. Yes, that’s right! From Google to Spotify, all our favorite tech giants are buckled up to offer the best Fool’s day entertainment of a lifetime.

Here are some of the best tech gags that are worth your attention. You can even share these gags with your friends, family, and colleagues to make their Fool’s day more interesting and entertaining.

Play Snakes with Google Maps

From being our all-time favorite search engine, Google Mr. Know-it-all has always been around through our pain and happiness. And this Fool’s day, Google is kickstarting this on-going tradition by offering a new feature that allows you to play Snakes within Google Maps app.

Google Maps Snakes

Snake has always been our favorite classic retro game that surely hits the nostalgic nerve on our brain. On this happy occasion of Fool’s day, Google has made an initiative of rolling out this temporary feature where we can enjoy playing the classic Snake game within the app.

play snake in google map to celebrate april fool day

To Play Snakes on Google Maps, first launch the Google maps app on your device (iOS or Android). Now tap the three dots icon to open Settings. Tap on “Play Snake” option to start playing. Select a City like Cairo, London, Sydney or any specific city which you like to navigate within. Simply swipe your train or bus to move across the cities while you pick up passengers, explore famous landmarks and make the most of your journey.

Cannot see this feature yet on the app? Wait for a while till the clock ticks 12 PM and Fool’s day is officially on the calendar as per your time zone. This feature is expected to stay on Google Maps for at least a week, so you can play even after Fool’s day. And if you’re a diehard fan of Snakes and never want to stop playing then Google has also launched a standalone app for this game that will be active throughout.

What better way to celebrate Fool’s day, right? Thank you, Google!

Google Files App Will Take Care of your Phone’s Hygiene

Fool’s day vibe doesn’t just end right here. Heard of Google Files? Well, for those of you who haven’t heard of this amazing application, here’s a quick intro? Google Files is an intuitive application which removes unused apps, declutters space from the internal storage of your device and more. So, on this Fool’s day, Google is adding a new “Screen Cleaner” feature to the Files app that will fight against dirt and smudges for the sake of better phone hygiene.

Screen Cleaner
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The screen cleaner feature of the Files app works in a great way. Any sort of dirt, smudges, or any unwanted residues that are residing on your phone’s screen can be detected by the app to keep your smartphone clean and dirt-free. You can find this feature in the Google Files app for Android, and if you don’t have this app on your device then you can download it from the Play Store.

You can use this trick and try to fool a friend as he won’t believe you in the first go! Amaze him with Google’s help and make the most of Fool’s day.

Spotify Rolls a Crazy Prank too…

Spotify Rolls a Crazy Prank
Image Source: Reddit

We’re all aware of Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” section, right? So, you’ll be amazed to know that Spotify has added a little twist to this section. Were you smart enough to detect it already? As a Fool’s day special activity, this famous streaming service has renamed “Discover Weekly” section title as “Discocover Weekly” in the app. And they’re totally honest in their sham.

No Fool’s Day for Microsoft!

No Fool’s Day for Microsoft
Image Source: Ars Technica

Yes, while the whole world is celebrating Fool’s Day, Microsoft, on the other hand, announced that they will not be indulging in any kind of pranks or gags this year. Company’s marketing Chief said that no such stunts will be entertained in Microsoft premises for Fool’s day and they are backing from this tradition. Well, no comments to that!

So folks, as today is 1st of April, take out a little time to entertain your friends with little tricks and pranks. Laughing is, and will always be the best form of therapy (As long as it doesn’t hurt anybody’s emotions). We hope you liked our list of best tech gags of 2019. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

Wishing you all a very Happy & techy Fool’s Day Fellas…

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