Best Sleep Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2024

We all yearn for that elusive feeling of waking up refreshed and energized, but for many, a good night’s sleep feels more like a distant dream than reality. Enter the world of sleep tracking apps, your digital allies in unraveling the mysteries of your slumber and reclaiming control of your sleep cycle. But with a plethora of options available, navigating the App Store can feel like wandering through a sleep-deprived labyrinth. 

Fear not, weary traveler! This comprehensive guide will illuminate the path towards finding the best sleep tracker app for iPhone in 2024, tailored to your unique sleep needs and tech preferences.

Why Track Your Sleep?

Before we embark on this digital dream quest, let’s delve into the “why” of sleep tracking. Imagine peering into a hidden world, where your body dances through stages of deep sleep, REM cycles, and those mysterious in-between moments. Sleep tracking apps equip you with this superpower, revealing patterns, potential disruptions, and valuable insights into your sleep hygiene. With this knowledge, you can make informed choices to optimize your sleep environment, improve your bedtime routine, and finally achieve that elusive feeling. Wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day armed with a newfound understanding of your sleep patterns.

A Field Guide to Sleep Tracking Apps for iPhone

Now, let’s step into the arena of top contenders, each offering unique features and approaches to sleep tracking:

1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

One of the pioneers in the sleep tracking realm, Sleep Cycle, continues to reign supreme in 2024. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this app analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase, ensuring you rise feeling rejuvenated. The intuitive interface provides comprehensive sleep data, allowing users to identify trends and make informed lifestyle adjustments. Think of it as your smart alarm on steroids, complete with soothing sleep sounds and insightful sleep reports. Bonus points for the snore recording – perfect for identifying (and teasing) any slumbering co-conspirators.

Download SleepCycle

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2. AutoSleep


For those who value integration, AutoSleep stands out as a top choice. Seamlessly syncing with Apple Health, this app tracks your sleep without requiring manual input. The detailed sleep rings and graphs provide a visual representation of your sleep quality, making it easy to comprehend your nightly patterns and make necessary changes for optimal rest. It automatically tracks your sleep using your Apple Watch, providing detailed sleep reports, sleep stage analysis, and heart rate monitoring. It also offers a smart alarm, sleep sounds, and integration with HealthKit, making it a seamless sleep tracking solution.

Download AutoSleep

3. Pillow


Pillow has carved its niche by incorporating audio features into the sleep tracking experience. Not only does it monitor your sleep cycles, but it also records sounds during the night, such as snoring or ambient noise. This holistic approach helps users understand external factors that may impact their sleep quality, empowering them to create a conducive sleep environment.  Pillow analyzes your sleep stages, detects snoring and sleep talking, and offers calming stories, guided meditations, and relaxing music to ease you into a peaceful slumber.

Download Pillow

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4. Sleep++


For those who prefer simplicity without compromising functionality, Sleep++ stands out. With its minimalist design, this app delivers accurate sleep tracking metrics without overwhelming the user. A perfect choice for individuals seeking a straightforward approach to monitoring sleep patterns and making informed adjustments for optimal rest. Accurate and easy to use, Sleep++ is an ideal choice for those who prefer a straightforward approach to monitoring their sleep patterns. It provides a concise, easy-to-read report every morning that includes comprehensive information about the duration and quality of your sleep.

Download Sleep++

5. SleepWatch


Engage in a personalized sleep coaching experience with SleepWatch, an app powered by artificial intelligence. Offering deep insights into sleep cycles, trends, and heart rate variations, this app acts as a supportive partner on your journey to enhanced sleep. Receive actionable recommendations based on your sleep data, making it a valuable tool for those committed to improving their rest. It syncs seamlessly with your watch, tracking sleep stages, heart rate, and even blood oxygen levels (a valuable bonus for sleep apnea sufferers). 

Download SleepWatch

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6. SleepScore


Imagine a Fitbit for your sleep! SleepScore uses non-contact sonar technology (fancy talk for your phone’s mic and speaker) to track your breathing and movement, scoring your sleep quality and offering personalized coaching to improve it. Think of it as your sleep sensei, guiding you towards slumber nirvana with actionable tips and sleep sound libraries. It also offers a library of sleep-enhancing programs, personalized coaching tips, and integration with smart home devices for a holistic sleep optimization experience. It delivers a personalized sleep score and actionable tips to improve your sleep quality, making it a data-driven dream warrior.

Download SleepScore

7. ShutEye


Experience an all-encompassing sleep solution with this comprehensive app, providing a variety of tools to elevate your sleep experience. Choose from an array of ambient noises and sleep sounds to craft a comfortable sleep environment. Customize your ideal ambient noise mix, complemented by a built-in sleep tracker to gain scientific understanding of your sleep patterns. The app also has a snore detection feature for increased awareness and an alarm for gradual wakeups.

Download ShutEye

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Your Guide to the Best Sleep Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2024

Remember, the best sleep tracker app is the one that resonates with your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re a data-driven scientist seeking in-depth analysis or a sleepyhead craving gentle nudges towards better sleep, there’s an app out there waiting to be your dream companion. So, embark on your sleep-tracking journey, explore the options, and unlock the secrets of a blissful night’s rest. Sweet dreams await.

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