Top 5 iPhone Apps For Aspiring Writers

You do not need to a philosopher or a deep thinker of things. All you need is an idea, on which you are willing to invest hours writing. Words may abandon your mind. Thoughts may scatter when you want to start imagining any particular scenario. You may face exhaustion from typing for so many hours as your eyes begin to water from staring at the screen constantly. Well dear friend, worry not. We have for you the best iOS based Apps that shall help you make headway with words, in the odyssey you have imagined.

You may be the next Rowling, the next Tolkien or even the next Stephen King. We would never know if you don’t get off the bed and start typing. Use these apps. They will definitely help you:

List Of 5 Best iPhone Apps For Aspiring Writers

1. The Brainstormer:


Don’t know how to start? Spin a wheel! What an amazing application. Totally deserving the position of number 1. On our list. This app helps writers in deciding topics, settings, themes subjects of the story and event eh location where you want to create it. With multiple spins you can give your story a sci-fi flavor, making it more fun. A paid app, you can use it easily to help say goodbye to your writer’s block. Compatible on Ios devices with 6.0 version and above, this application is sure to become a favorite. Available at the cost of $1.99 You can download it here

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2. List For Writers:

list of writers

Oh to be so meticulous, just like this application! What an innovative way to help an aspiring writer to come up with keywords that are required for writing a story. It provides users with a detailed list with topics such as the character’s name, their body type, even their anniversaries and personality traits! For a little something extra, they even offer grammer support, holiday themes and Aussie Slang! Randomly shuffle through the list for new and innovative storylines. It is compatible with all iOS devices on 8.0 version and later. It is available at the cost of $2.99 You can download it here

3. Evernote:


For the clumsy and the forgetful, we have Evernote. No need to hunt down a pen and paper in the hopes of noting down the spark of inspiration. Simply, load Evernote and document your notes, your to-do-list and save them for later references. Accessible for use via different formats, such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more, Evernote even utilises the camera on the phone to capture, scan and digitize business cards, notes and drawings. A free Application, all you need for compatibility is iOS 10.3 or later. You can download this application here

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4. Write Or Die:

write or die

For the lazy bunch who has all the ideas and imagination at their disposal but unfortunately suffer from a case of utter laziness! To motivate them and prod them into production, this application not only gets the cake but the cherry too. With the help of customizable settings, the writer can create a calm work space. The minute the typing ceases, the application’s consequence mode gets activated. In it, an unpleasant stimuli begins which leads us to further push ourselves and write more. With a tracker that keeps a count of words typed  per minute, we are sure you shall become more proficient in you future writing endeavors. Available at the cost of $9.99. It is compatible on iOS devices with version 6.0 or later.

5. Flowstate:


Know a loved one who needs that extra motivation to finish a project. Download Flowstate in their iOS device and then see the magic. Using the timer as an incitement, Flowstate takes deadlines seriously. Once you have set the timer and selected a font of your preference then all you need to do is type continuously. A pause of even 5 seconds leads to a complete and irreversible of deletion of all the work that has been done! How is that for incentive to move those fingers. Available on iOS devices for the cost of $4.99 this application requires iOS 10.3 and later. Download this application here

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There you have it folks! The above mentioned applications are sure to help you convert thoughts into words. Let us know which application suited your needs the best.

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