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IR Blasters emulates a remote control that has ability to control all IR(Infrared)devices. They can be used to control TVs, VCR, AC and many more IR controlled appliances. The premier merit to use IR blasters is due to its long range and non-hazardous communication.

Ever thought of changing channels of your TV through your smartphone? Yes! Your smartphone can be the best universal remote with different remote control apps available in the market. These universal remote apps will allow you to control all the appliances through your smartphone.

Remote Control Apps For Android And iPhone

There is a glut of remote control apps. Amongst them we have tried to come up with a list of best universal remote apps that you can try your hands on.

1. AnyMote Universal Remote App

AnyMote Universal Remote app

Anymote is a very responsive remote control app which works fine on every device of any brand. Anymote currently supports 90000 devices and counting. You can connect every IR controlled appliance like TV sets, Amplifiers, Air Conditioners, DVD remote and many more. You can also configure settings and control your DSLR camera through the app. Interface of AnyMote makes it more appealing accounting for its ease of use. You can even customize your universal remote by changing colors and icons.

Download available on Android and iOS.

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2. SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control

SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control

Apart from being an IR blaster, SURE IR controller can also stream music and videos which you browse from your smartphone. You can send photos and videos from your smartphone to your smart TV. The app comes with built-in media player that supports almost all popular audio/video formats.

SURE Universal remote app is very well integrated with Amazon Alexa. You can control Alexa with in-app voice commands. You can save your TV remote for easy access and backup your TV remote settings. SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control is available for Android and iOS

3. Unified Remote

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is a universal remote app specially designed to control PC. Your smartphone will simulate keyboard and mouse of your PC through WiFi or Bluetooth. This universal remote app is loaded with 90+ emulations for media players, screen mirroring, NFC connections and many more. Smartphone becomes the mousepad with single and multi-touch control.

The floating remote makes it easier to control devices while you are roaming in other apps. Customizations are available with interchangeable light and dark themes. You can also browse and manage your files with the in-app file manager.

The most unique feature of Unified remote control app is screen mirroring, that is, you can switch screens remotely between your smartphone and your PC. Unified Remote offers much more than just a TV remote that makes it one of our favorite universal remote app.

Download this app for  Android and iOS.

4. Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control

Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control

Peel is another basic and easy-to-use remote control app. It offers basic functionalities to control TV and DTH with a convenient and adaptable interface. The lock screen support allows you to control TV and satellite box with a yellow floating bubble on your lock screen. This eliminates the need to navigate through remote app every time.

Peel features trending has shown of different genres that you can tune into with just a tap. You can also access your favorites in recently watched lists.  Download Peel for iOS.

5. Remote by CetusPlay Global

Remote by CetusPlay Global

This is the best tv remote app with multiple navigation modes including keyboard and mouse mode. You can pitch files for presentation on projectors and Android TV directly through the app. For gamers, the app enables your smartphone to be a gamepad with Xbox and PlayStation support. You can instantly launch Android TV apps and clear cache and unwanted data to speed up your smart TV by accelerating ball in the app.

For users who are not into much fiddling with extra features, this app will make your smartphone best universal remote.

Download Remote by CetusPlay for Android and iOS.

Ending Note

We hope that this blog might help you find the best universal remote app. Install one in your smartphone and control all your devices like a pro.

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