10 Best Netflix Games To Play On Smartphone

For most of the last decade, Netflix has served as the top OTT subscription provider. It has created numerous top-notch tv series, including The Sandman, Dark, Jamtara, and Money Heist, to name a few. However, on November 21st Netflix introduced its own line of smartphone games that it will promote and distribute. The platform now includes roughly 50 titles, and it plans to greatly expand its library in the upcoming months. As per Netflix, the titles span several genres and will appeal to a variety of players.

The best feature about all these Netflix games is the fact that they’re completely free to install and they do not contain any in-app purchases or advertisements. To play these games, you must have a Netflix subscription that is current. Following the most recent update, Netflix mobile Games are now available on both the platforms, iOS and Android.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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10 Best Netflix Games to Play on Smartphone

This list of the top 10 Netflix games has something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping adventures to mind-bending puzzles. Hence, grab your smartphone and get ready to enjoy these best options for gaming.

1. Stranger Things: 1984

Stranger Things

You all know that if we are talking about Netflix and not about Stranger Things. Is this possible? No! And the same goes for Netflix games.  Stranger Things: 1984 as you might have guessed from the title, the game takes place in 1984 and centers on the adventures of Hopper with his crew. You’ll need to unravel a number of mysteries and tour well-known locations including Hawkins Lab and Mirkwood Forests.

The game’s vintage aesthetic will make you think of legendary titles like the Mario series. Each character has special skills that must be employed at the right time to overcome puzzles. 

2. Krispee Street 

Krispee Street

There are many games available on Netflix, however, not all of them offer enjoyable gameplay. However, in Krispee Street, you will get a cute little game that would not throw as much of a strain on your abilities. Rather, all you have to do is look for the necessary characters or items on each level. Correctly identifying the characters/items will get you benefits like money. When you have enough money, you can buy collector cards with them.

Their ability to focus will increase, and it will keep them busy and motivated to acquire every card. Krispee Street is a great addition to your children’s game collection. It will increase their ability to focus, keep them busy, and motivate them to collect all the cards.

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3. Into the Breach

Into the Breach

In the difficult tactical role-playing game Into the Breach, you must carefully consider each action you do. You take command of mechs to defend humanity against an invasion by enormous extraterrestrial insects. This military rogue-lite game has more in common with puzzle games than any other genre. You command a group of mechs that you send out on various missions to battle alien bugs on grid-based landscapes. 

While each robot and bug have its own range of movement and attacks, what makes this Netflix game so engaging is the necessity to anticipate what the opposing team will do in order to prepare for it in your turn.

4. Arcanium 


Arcanium is a strategy-based fantasy game. The notion of the game is very intriguing and will draw you in. You can select your hero in Arcanium based on particular animal characteristics. You must protect the game’s magical and technologically advanced world from Akhan, the main supervillain. Although this game is mostly single-player, the AI is sufficiently advanced such that you won’t feel your hero buddies are a burden.

5. Bowling Ballers

Bowling Ballers

If you enjoy bowling, you should be playing bowling ballers. It’s an entertaining sports game where you have to smash through nearly every barrier in your way. There are numerous levels in the game, each with a unique set of goals. In addition to knocking down bowling pins, you can also collect cash and obtain knock-out items like candies.

Your score is determined by how frequently you acquire coins or other types of in-game cash. You score more as you go farther. You are given three lives before the turn finishes and the game must be restarted.

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6. This is a True Story

This is a True Story

This is most likely among the most creative and well-liked Netflix games. This is an educative puzzle based on real-world events and interviews. Players must withstand a windstorm, capture burglars, and even make friends with a goat in this beautiful hand-painted landscape game.

You can put yourself in the position of those who must face significant challenges only to discover the natural resource by seeing This Is a True Story. Because it is based on actual interviews, it is compact and incredibly interesting.

7. Relic Hunters

Relic Hunters

You’ll love Relic Hunters if you enjoy old-school video games and love role-playing (RPG) games. The game features four different avatars, each with its own special fighting skills. Additionally, you can eliminate the opposition and gather resources that you can then use to improve your armor and weaponry. You are pitted against the oppressive Ducan Empire in the game’s narrative. 

Together with your three allies, you must band together four diverse tribes to rebel against the Empire’s oppressive control. The game’s stages are vibrant, and the visuals are pixelated and retro in style.

8. Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna

In the game Lucky Luna, you portray a woman wearing a sweet mythological beast Mask. You will be guided by Lucky Luna through dangerous dungeons that hold the promise of unending riches, secret passageways, and an equivalent amount of risk. Instead of typical side-scrolling, this game concentrates more on vertical platforming, and each level is jam-packed with loot, puzzles, and surprises.

Despite the lack of a jump button, which is a crucial move, the controls are simple and have great flow. You have to bounce off foes or exploit the environment to acquire height in this game, which is part of its fantastic design.

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9. Wonderputt Forever

Wonderputt Forever

It is a mini-golf Netflix game featuring inventive golf layouts. To ensure that it sinks into the hole exactly, you can organize your shots suitably. In the game’s “Forever Mode,” you can continue playing as the courses are continually changed. The stunning geometric artwork, which is loaded with vivid detail and creates imaginative courses that combine reality and fantasy, is the very first thing you will see.

In the course of one minute, players can play in a circus arena, a zoo, and a swimming pool. The sights are simply gorgeous, but more importantly, each place comes with its own distinct set of challenges.

10. Before your Eyes

Before your Eyes

Last but not least Before Your Eyes is among the most original games ever created and is accessible to practically everyone. We do not really say that lightly too, but blinking is the only way to navigate this story’s plot. The gameplay, wherein blinking can abruptly terminate one memory and advance you onto the next, nicely mimics the story’s concept of a person’s whole life passing before their eyes.

Despite your best attempts, you will fail to notice important emotional turning points, which will cause the game to stay with you even after you have completed it.

To Wrap This Up

So, this was our list of best Netflix games you can play on your Android and iOS device. These top 10 Netflix mobile games are sure to keep you entertained for hours. In light of this, think about playing one of the games on our list the next time you’re searching for something new to do. And for more such troubleshooting guides and tips & tricks related to Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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