Best iPhone And iPad Games Announced At E3 2018

E3 The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 started on June 12 and wrapped up on 14th June 2018. It was held at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, United States. It was the 24th convention of E3. E3 is known for the platform which lets software developers, hardware manufacturers, publishers from video game industry to showcase new products to spectators, retailers, and members of video game press.

With the grown interest in mobile gaming, software developers have started to work on making mobile gaming epic. E3 was all about trailers, showing off magnificent gameplay. You want to get a glimpse of new mobile games along with another news related to new games announced for E3 2018, then read on!

Best iPhone and iPad Games Announced at E3 2018

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls: Blades, was one of the flabbergasting announcements of E3. The game is a first-person role-playing game adventure. It is specifically designed for mobile devices which majorly involves tapping, swiping, and combat with melee weapons, magic spells. According to its game developer Todd Howard, the game starts with you coming back from a mission and finding your home completely wrecked. Now, you need to find who is responsible for this wreckage, for that you will be sent off to exile and have to travel through dungeons, pre-created by Bethesda.

This mobile game has graphics as if they are designed for console. If you want to move your character, tap the screen or use virtual joysticks. It also comes with “town-building” mode in Blades which lets you make/manage your own village.

What makes it different? You can play this amazing game not only holding your phone horizontally but also in portrait mode.

For now, the game is making an entry in iOS and Android this fall, soon it will be released for PCs, VR and consoles, given the potential it has.

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Command and Conquer Rivals

 Command and Conquer Rivals

Another game, Command and Conquer Rivals was also a highlight of E3 announcements. The game designed by EA Play 2018 and available to play for free. The game has taken a lot of elements from the original Command & Conquer series. In this game, the player can play as Rivals, Brotherhood of Nod, or GDI with every group offering different powers. In this game, two teams fight against each other on a battlefield of hexagons. In the battlefield, your aim is to destroy the opponent’s base before they wreck yours. To do a major wreckage, you need to seize a large missile in the center of the map before it blows. If you get hands on two of them, before it sets to launch, then you win yourself a match.

So far, there is no news, when the game will be available to play.

Gears Pop

Gears Pop

Another game which allured the attention in mobile gaming was Gears Pop. The game has been  created by Microsoft, in partnership with Funko. It is one of the games from the Gears of War games series, which has Gears of War characters showed via Funko Pops. It will be fun watching Funky Pop characters coming live. Microsoft confirmed that the game will get released for Android and iOS in 2019.

This is not the only E3 announcements that grabbed attention. We also have important news about enticing games!

News Related to Other Games:

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls legends

Bethesda’s card collectible game the Elder Scrolls: Legends which is popular and has a pretty large fan following since the launch, has another major update on its way. The update will come with new cards to collect and battle with, and also a new story for campaign mode.

Bethesda announced it would have versions for Xbox and the PS4 coming this year.

Fallout Shelter

 Fallout Shelter

Another game by Bethesda, Fallout Shelter a free-to-play simulation video game, is coming on a new device, Nintendo Switch. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year, celebrating its three- year anniversary.

So, these are the announcements related to Best iPhone and iPad games announced at E3 2018 along with other exciting games for other consoles. Excited or not!


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