Best Hidden Tricks For Windows 10

Windows 10 is an ocean of opportunities that has simplified computing up to a significant level. The changes made from basic handling to the fancy tiles on Start menu has changed the way you used to operate computers. With more attractive looks and features, there’s a lot for you to explore. However, just like any technology, there are a few features and tricks that are yet to be unearthed. These features are there on every Windows 10 machine, it is just that only a few people have been able to discover them till now. So, we’re going to reveal the best hidden tricks for Windows 10 that you can use to better your experience.

windows 10

1. Secret Start Menu: It is good to see an exhaustive Start menu with myriads of options for you. However, the earlier compact Start menu is still preferred by many. So, if you’re one of the conventional Start menu lover, you can get it on your Windows 10. Just right click on the Start button of your Windows 10 and you’ll be showed the old school Start menu with the list of options to select.

secret start menu

2. God Mode: Whether you’re a power user or not, the God Mode is always liked where you’re given all the major features at one stop. To access God mode, go on the desktop screen, right-click and choose New > Folder. Once the new folder is created, rename the folder with ‘GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}’ (without the ‘). Once done, just open the folder and there you go.

god mode

3. Shaker: Although it is an old feature of Windows 7 but is yet to be discovered by many users. It is one of the best and usable tool that sets you free of the cluttered windows and tabs. If your browser has a lot of tabs opened or many screens on it, just pick one and shake it with the help of mouse/trackpad. You’d see that all the other screens would get minimized. If you shake again, everything would be restored.


4. Time Killers in Cortana: Don’t expect much but these little programs can help you kill some time. To access these little games, just speak or type “Flip the Coin”  “Rock Paper Scissors,” or “Roll the Die,” in Cortana and you can see little graphic games appearing on screen to have fun with.

time killers in cortana

Source Softpedia .com

5. Transparent Command Prompt: This is probably the new addition to Windows 10 that makes your Command Prompt screen transparent. To access it, launch the Command Prompt by typing CMD on the Start and hit the Command Prompt option from the list to launch it. Once opened, right click on top of the CMD window and choose Properties from the list. You can see a new “Command Prompt” Properties window. On that screen, select the last tab with the name ‘Colors’ and move the slider of Opacity to minimum and you can see the Command Prompt going transparent.

transparent command prompt

Overall, hidden tricks like these for Windows 10 don’t require you to be a tech savvy and can be applied easily. All you need is a genuine Windows 10 on your computer to get these tricks worked. If you know some more interesting tips and tricks for Windows 10, do let us know in the comments below.

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