Best Harmless Prank Apps for Android Users

Healthy laughter should be a part of stressful life and when it comes to laughter what’s better than a humble prank that cracks you to the core. Pranks and pranksters have existed since almost forever and with time they’ve equipped themselves with technology. You might have watched TV shows with spy camera and some people playing pranks around. As we have grown to the digital world pranks have also been changed now you can play pranks with your friends using your smartphone. There are dedicated apps to do so. Some of these apps are based on traditional ideas and some make most of the tech. Here we are listing some harmless prank apps for android user which allows you to spread only laughter without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

1. Fake call:

fake call

Starting our list with the most common prank. Using this app you can impress or amaze your friends that you are getting a call from a very well-known personality or from a person that counts for them. There are very few apps which offers this feature to show a fake incoming call from a celebrity or from any person of your choice. Once you get time you can set time for fake incoming calls this feature helps you to surprise friends when you are sitting with them. This is one of the best prank apps for Android users.

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2. Crack Screen Prank:

crack screen

If anyone of your friends or relatives has recently purchased an expensive smartphone then this is the most common prank you can play with them. Just borrow their smartphone for a couple of minutes install this application and return their phone with an apologetic face and broken screen which is not actually broken. The best part is that the application shows a broken screen on shaking which gives the real impression of screen get broken.

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3. Call voice changer:

call voice changer

What if you can call your friends in female voice or you can make them burst out of laughter by changing your voice to kid’s voice? Before proceeding further for a new voice, you can preview it yourself. The application works for both analog calls and for internet calls. In app purchase are completely optional but as application claims that you will get credits in the best price. You can also add effects to your voices such as train horn car horn. Sound of ghost or sound of any animal.

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4. Lie Detector Simulator:

lie detector

Lie detection is another most common prank for which you can use your smartphone as lie detection device and Lie Detector Simulator Fun is the best app for this purpose. You can take it as a prank or you can use it to detect lie in real time by making people scare of being caught. Working of this harmless prank app is very easy to understand you simply need to pre- load your responses sequentially. For example, you can set true as a response for the first question this will help you to gain your friends trust on the app then you can manipulate questions and answers according to you.

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5. Ghost Prank:

ghost photo prank

Not all but some people may fear Ghosts. If your friends stay away from ghost stories or horror movies then here is the best prank app for android users. Think how enjoyable it will be if you will show them a ghost standing next to them in a picture. Ghost prank is an application which allows you to do so you can pick any ghost from the given fifteen. You can place a ghost in an existing picture or you can take a fresh picture with a ghost. The application comes with a warning that you should not use this app to create panic which is a very genuine warning also you should keep in mind that such apps should not be used with children.

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So, these were 5 best harmless prank apps for android users. Apart from this you can also tweak inbuilt settings of your smartphone to play a prank. For instance, you can enable grayscale mode and it will look like something went wrong with the screen of the smartphone.  There is a dedicated prank pack app on the Play store which can be used to play different pranks such as you can scare someone with BSOD on their smartphone. While using these prank apps you should always remember that they are meant to spread laughter and you should use them for this purpose only.

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