Escape From Reality With The Best Google Daydream Apps For Android

What Can Daydream Apps For Android Do For You?

The hustle-bustle of daily chores completely drains us mentally, if not physically. When we see the same monotonous visuals over and over again, we sometimes feel demotivated. That is the time we wonder if we could get away from reality even if it were for just a few moments. How about we transport ourselves (at least our brains) to a serene, dreamy and a completely different location? How about we have a look at things which we don’t have access to in real life? Won’t it be something that will help us seclude reality itself?

That’s precisely what daydream apps for Android help you do. So here are some of the best daydream apps for Android.


Here, we are not talking about the daydream feature on any other similar feature on Android. These daydream apps for Android are those apps which can let you visualise a virtual scenario mostly with the help of a virtual reality headphone. With these apps, you will be able to get an immersive experience. So, to live the life that these daydream apps for Android let you in, you would need VR (Virtual Reality) headphones, and your Android device should support VR as well.

Best Daydream Apps For Android

Planning your escapade from reality? Here are some of the best daydream apps for Android in a nutshell.

SL No Name Of The App Download Link
1 Expedition Note- This application has been discontinued
2 VR Relax Travel Get It Here
3 Relax River VR Get It Here
4 The Guardian VR Get It Here
5 Ocean Rift Get It Here

Now, we shall dive in and unearth these apps and know what these daydream apps for Android are all about and how they can help you escape from reality.

1. Expedition


Rating: 3.9, File Size: 41 MB

Where It Works:

The app works on phone, tablets, Google Cardboard (for viewing AR or VR expeditions)

About The App:

There are times when we are completely unaware of things and places because, in reality, we don’t have access to them. That’s where apps like Expeditions come in. With the help of Expeditions, you can visit some of the most remarkable places. You can visit historical landmarks across the globe, visit outer space, mountain ranges and whatnot. You can even feel objects via Augmented Reality.

The best part about this app is that it offers guided immersive AR or VR expeditions. To make expeditions work, you would need your Android smartphone or VR device. The best part is that the app also has guides which can take you through locations or even AR objects.

Note- This application has been discontinued

2. VR Relax Travel

VR Relax Travel

Rating: 3.4, File Size:  34 MB

Where It Works:

The app works on mostly all VR headset compatible Android devices. You will need a 360-degree viewer such as Google Cardboard or any other viewer.

About  VR Relax Travel:

If you have ever planned to vacation in Europe and enjoy its lagoons, oceans, wind farms, beaches and coastal rocks, you can slip in your Android device in a VR headset and virtually tour Europe.

Not just the destinations, you can even listen to rejuvenating and calming sounds present in your surrounding as well. To make the app work slide in your phone in the headset and point at the cursor icon for a little over a second and you’ll be able to choose your destination.

You can change the environment by looking at the exit icon for a little over a second.

Get It Here

3. Relax River VR

Relax River VR

Rating: 4.6 MB, File Size: As per the device

Where It Works:

The normal version works on the majority of Android devices, but for immersive VR experience, you will need to use Android Google Cardboard or universal 3D glasses.

About Relax River VR:

What can be more relaxing than a boat ride in a river? It is undoubtedly an escape from the crowded, polluted cities that we live in. It’s such a peaceful setting.

In reality, you would probably have to think of taking a few days off from your work, book tickets to an exotic location if you want to enjoy clean blue rivers. But with Relax River VR, if you have a pair of universal 3D glasses or Android cardboard, virtual reality will immerse you in a scenario where you’d be riding a boat amidst mountains and greenery everywhere. To add on you’ll be listening to soul-refreshing natural sounds.

Get It Here

4. The Guardian VR

Guardian VR

Rating: 4.1, File Size: 64 MB

Where It Works:

The normal version works on all Android devices, but to enjoy the VR experience, you will have to use a VR enabled device or Google Cardboard.

About The Guardian VR:

In my opinion, daydreaming is not just about visualising unrealistic scenarios. It can also be sometimes about gaining a better perspective on things.

This app gives you a lot of perspective. It is more about getting to know reality while you daydream. For instance, you can get up and have a close view of how human behaviour is leading to the melting of the Arctic. You can even live in the frantic atmosphere that resides inside an asylum. Ever thought, how the world was for you when you were just a baby? The Guardian VR even lets you experience the world from the standpoint of a baby as well.

Get Here

5. Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift

Rating:  3.9, File Size: 28 MB

Where It works: You would need a VR headset compatible Android device

About Ocean Rift:

Dive into the underwater coral world consisting of turtles, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, whales and even dinosaurs! It’s not just these lovely beings to welcome you; you will also be able to see shipwrecks, coral reefs and twelve other unique habitats too. All featured animals work on artificial intelligence, and the overall app works on high-quality procedural animation.

Do you have what it takes to be an animator, try out these software.

Get It Here

Let Your Dream Come True Even If It Is virtually

If you have thought of visiting splendid locations, watching unique objects and other such spectacular stuff, your very own Android smartphone can let you live your dream. All you need is an Android smartphone and VR headphones. We hope that you liked this blog. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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