Stay Safe & Healthy With The Best Food Apps

Since last weekend we celebrated the inaugural of ‘World Food Safety Day’! We thought it was probably a great chance for every one of us to take a moment and think about something, which we often take for granted, ‘Food Safety’. It reflects the handling, preparing and storing food in a way to best reduce the risk of individuals becoming sick from foodborne diseases.

The whole concept behind this day is to strengthen efforts to ensure that the food we eat is safe.

Several studies show that each year, roughly one in ten people in the world (approx. 600 million people) fall ill & an estimated 420,000 people die due to food contamination. The initiative behind World Food Safety Day is not only to shed light on the importance of food safety but also reduce the problems related to it for improving Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, access to a suitable amount of safe and nutritious food is the key to sustaining life & promoting good health.

Best Food Apps
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How You Can Get Involved?

Keeping with this year’s theme, ‘Food Safety, Everyone’s Business’ – it is integral for everyone to get involved & take collaborative actions to minimize the food-related problems in the first place. To tackle such issues at an individual level, you can rely on certain innovative apps that will help you to be a part of the change.

1. FoodKeeper


FoodKeeper is an amazing application developed by USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. The app is designed with the aim to help users understand better about food and beverage storage. The food safety app is loaded with useful guides & videos to help you learn how to maximize the freshness and quality of food items. Users can choose a particular food category, ranging from Baby Food, Baked Goods, Beverages, Dairy Products, Frozen Food, etc to find how a specific food item should be kept for peak quality.

FoodKeeper also features effective ways, tips & tricks for a healthy diet so that you can keep your family safe from food poisoning and other related diseases. And if somehow the information provided isn’t enough, you can directly get in touch with food technology experts as well to solve your problems.

Download This Food Safety App for Android & iPhone!

2. Is My Food Safe?

Is My Food Safe

Is My Food Safe? is a complete solution box to answer all your food safety questions and problems. With this food app, you can find out what temperatures would be accurate to cook a particular recipe. Get useful tips & tricks on how long you can keep leftovers and get answers for other kitchen and cooking related queries. The idea behind developing ‘Is My Food Safe?’ application is to raise consumer awareness and importance on the seriousness of food poisoning.

You can also test your knowledge of kitchen safety or ask an expert about any food safety query with this useful food app. The application is available for free and offers food storage guidelines for hundreds of food items ranging from fresh, frozen, baby food and vegetables.

Download this food app now for iPhone!

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3. Fooducate


Fooducate is a sanctified food coach for both Android and iPhone users and goes beyond from just being a calorie counter. The app is designed for tracking nutrition value, it helps you achieve weight loss, health, and fitness goals. It comes with the ability to track food intake and help you plan exercise for your daily routine. Fooducate is loaded with a huge food database, hence you can scan product barcodes and get useful insights about nutrition grades for each food item.

To get daily low-carb, paleo diet and motivation tips from nutrition experts, switch to its pro version at nominal app purchases. Have pets? Conscious about their diet? Choose Fooducate to find the healthiest food suggestions for your dog and cat.

Download this food app right now!

4. AllergyEats


As the name suggests, AllergyEats is a dedicated food safety application for iPhone users that helps children and adults to learn about specific food allergies. If you’re allergic to certain food products, this app will help you in connecting to a nutrition expert community for solving your issue. With the help of AllergyEats large community, you can find specific restaurants that serve you according to your dietary needs & requirements.

With this food app, you can search for restaurants in a specified location, view the menus of more than 400,000 U.S. restaurants & make reservations for the same. Discover allergy-friendly eateries that are best in taste & ensures the best food quality, all thanks to AllergyEats for such a thoughtful compilation!

 Download the AllergyEats food app!

Bonus App: Social Fever

Now that we all are aware that how important is Food Safety in our lives. One should not deny the fact that remaining hydrated is also a key factor to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

But now the question is how we can remember to drink enough water at regular intervals between our busy schedules? Well, technology is helping us with everything to make our life simpler. For the purpose, you can take the help of Social Fever, an effective app that frequently reminds about the amount of water you should drink in a day. This nifty application is basically designed with the aim to help users ditch digital life and get connected with the real world again. Therefore, you can use it to track app usage, set goals to manage your daily activities efficiently, add specific interests to make your day more fruitful. You can also control your eye/ear health with its smart tracking options, which gives timely alert messages if you look at the screen or listen to songs via earphones for more than 30 minutes.

social fever water reminder

Apart from it, Social Fever also offers a bunch of features that are much useful to lead a wholesome lifestyle.

Download Social Fever to lead healthy and digital-free life!

Food Safety has a direct impact on people’s health & dreadful foodborne disease can be prevented, with shared responsibility between government, producers, and consumers.

Use these amazing food apps to do your best part, bring in a healthy lifestyle and move towards more sustainable patterns of food consumption.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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