6 Best Cloud Gaming Services For Gamers 2023

Whether you are a kid of 90s or a game geek of the 21st century, you can’t deny that playing games have always been fun. However, we lost our touch and might have not been able to keep up with high-end configuration games. But, with Cloud gaming services the blooming platform, you can revive the passion of playing games, with excellent gameplay without a hole in your pocket.

Being able to play your favorite games without a high-end CPU or a graphic card is bliss, isn’t it? You must be wondering what is Cloud Gaming service and how it works?

In this post, we will talk about cloud gaming services along with a list to choose from.

What is Cloud Gaming Service?

Cloud Gaming service is an online cloud server-based gaming platform. To play your favorite games, you need to get a subscription. You don’t specifically have to get high configuration CPU as all that work is done in the cloud.

With devices to exclusively play games, you need to spend hundreds of dollars. However, with cloud gaming service, all you need is subscription and gamers will have access to uploaded games on the platform. You can access these games on your smartphones or desktop.

6 Best of Cloud Gaming Services

If you have not heard of them and willing to try some games. Here is a list of the best cloud gaming services-

1. Playstation Now:

Playstation Now

It is a cloud gaming service from Sony entertainment. Get a subscription and start playing your favorite games online on Windows PC / Laptop or on PS4. For a monthly plan, you get access to 500+ games. Possible to download and play them on your PlayStation 4. Bloodborne, Prey, Red Dead Redemption are among some of the best with new games added every month. Use this on a cloud gaming PC which can be any PC and does not require any special configurations.

Try free cloud gaming with a 7-day trial which will give you an insight on will it be the one for you.

Get it here.

2. GeForce Now:

NVIDIA Geforce Now

GeForce Now is a subscription-based cloud gaming service by NVIDIA. With a utility to play games on Windows, Mac and Shield TV. This is a widely liked gaming service that has a library filled with games. Try the Beta version to play some free cloud-based games. You can enjoy the benefits of cloud-based service on multiple platforms with a single account. Rage 2, Assassin Creed Odyssey, Resident Evil 7 is popular from the game library of more than 500 games.

Get it here.

3. Shadow :


Shadow cloud gaming

Shadow comes with a different approach to make cloud gaming experience even more accessible. The cloud gaming service is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Log into your account and download your games to play on any device. It supports 4K streaming with a good resolution on the screen. So, no compromise on picture resolution and far better in input lag Shadow is one for you to try. Get the subscription now and enjoy these fascinating games.

4. Parsec:

Parsec Cloud gaming

This is another user-friendly and kind of free gaming cloud service which will let you decide what you should play. You can also upload the games that you like on this cloud computing service. It’s like an array of games that you can create with all your favorites. Remember that you need to have the game downloaded that’s how you can access it remotely. Join others in the new games or invite your friends to play with you locally. It is available for Windows download. Parsec will turn any PC into Cloud gaming PC for gamers.

Get it here.

5. PlayKey.Net:


Another free cloud gaming service for you with a number of widely liked games. You can play Devil May Cry 5, GTA V, PUBG, Fortnite on it. It does not require any download and installation and thus making it very handy. It does not require you to own a high-speed functioning PC so works well for all who want to play games online. Optimized gaming server makes it possible to experience the best of gameplay without hassle.

Get it here.

6. Vortex:

Vortex Cloud gaming services

Vortex helps you save time over gaming as players don’t have to upload or download a game. It is available on any device with an internet connection that can be Android, Mac, Windows. So apart from being portable and it is available on multi-platforms, it consists of a free gaming library. Games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Teamfight Tactics, Apex Legends, Dota 2, Deceit are all available on one click.

Get it here.

Wrapping up:

These are the best of cloud services which makes your dream of game possible without getting a gaming PC. This is a new hub for finding all people trying to get there playing instinct alive online. You can choose from the best of above-mentioned cloud gaming services. We like PlayStation Now for its far reach to exclusive games and Parsec for uniqueness of letting friends participate with you in games. Check out the best gaming headsets available for better gaming experience.

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