5 Best Bill Splitting Apps for iPhone Users

You know the pain after dinner or a party when the time comes to split the bills in proportion. Some may carry cash or some may not whereas some of you may wish to pay through credit cards. The situation often complicates when you need to divide the apartment rent, daily food expenses, laundry, and other services that are just not specific to one zone.

In all such cases, these bill splitting apps can help find the right solution while keeping the peace between your friends. Moreover, some of these apps connect even with your credit or debit cards, making the pay ideas simpler. You do not need to remember who did what, just log in the entry and leave everything on your iPhone.

Best Bill Splitting Apps for iPhone

1. Splitwise

Free to use, Splitwise app is one of the most effective tools to keep in the phone if you are sharing group trips, apartment bills or even groceries with your friends. Interestingly, this app can calculate the expenses logged in by multiple people. All of them can check their own share and finally pay off using simple PayPal transfer.


Special Features

  • Keep track of all the expenses that need to be split.
  • Set-up email reminders for one or all. And get some push notifications if bills are still due.
  • Clear up all the dues with the instant connection of PayPal or Venmo.

Download here!

2. Tab

Simple the name, simpler the work it does. To split the bill, you do not even need to log the entry manually. Just snap the picture of your final receipt, select which order has been done by whom, and let Tab manage tips/tax along with the total division. Record your cash payment or Venmo payment as per done by each. Moreover, every contributor can see his/her share through their phone screen to dust off the doubts.


 Special Features

  • Split evenly for a group event or separately for dinners
  • Every payment remain in sync with real-time
  • Any tax or tips are divided proportionally by the application itself

Download here!

3. Splid

Whether you are staying at home or hopping for some group trip, do not worry about the division of expenses between the various payees as this bill splitting app will do it all. Moreover, even if the other person is paying the bill in another currency, the app can convert it before settling the final amount. Be it online or offline mode, Splid works all the way for you.


Special Features

  • Share the list of expenses with all your friends online without any need of sign-up.
  • Download all the old summaries in PDF or Excel format.
  • Has a log on of 150+ currencies already to convert any amount quick.

Download here!

4. Tricount

Called as one the best bill splitting apps around as it helps in settling expenses without putting you in any pressure of calculating on your own. Even distribution or uneven ones, its second tab will show you who owes how much and to whom. A major pro that counts is its working even in the offline mode.


Special Features

  • Tracks your spending as well as by other group payees
  • Work efficiently even when offline
  • Minimalistic UI and simple interface

5. Walnut Pay

How about having a bill splitting app that also settles dues through your bank account using a debit card. The Group Expense manager is quite good that split the bills in even as well as an uneven mode. Save your money and time while chatting with your friends and finishing the tasks then and there.

Walnut Pay

Special Features

  • Records bill directly from SMS and do not require and manual entries
  • Settle banking payment through the app only
  • The group as well as personal expense management


Well, we would say that each of the above-mentioned apps is quite powerful in their genres. For example, those who are staying all day long and sharing all the expenses, Splitwise app is the first and last choice for them. On other hand, lunch, dinner or a party gang can pick Tab for their circle.

For occasional splitting decisions, Splid, Tricount, and Walnut Pay work very well and smooth. All you need to do is check their majors, install and split the bills. Have some happy sharing!

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