5 Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tips for Marketers

Along with smartphone evolution, the app business certainly witnessed a boom! Without apps, our smartphone is of no good and just acts like a regular device. But thankfully, when it’s power-packed with applications we can do so much more with our smartphones and accomplish our day to day tasks with ease. From booking flights to making a reservation at our favorite hotel, we have an app for everything.

Every day millions of apps are being added to the App store, and the race to excel is only getting tough day by day, especially for app developers. Just like how a search engine works, where people mostly hit the first few search results that are displayed on the screen without scrolling down enough. In the same way, the App store also follows a few mechanisms for ranking applications. This is where App Store Optimization comes in picture.

In this post, we will be covering a few App Store Optimization tips on how mobile app developers can improve their ranking and boost the online presence of their brand. But first, let’s get a piece of in-depth knowledge on what is App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization basically focuses on improving an app’s ranking on respective Play store (Google Play store, App store for iOS, or Windows store). It plays a crucial role in the mobile app development process as it helps businesses to improve their brand exposure on various app store platforms. If your app has a good ranking, then it can be displayed on top of the searched results page and gain more audience attention

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)
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There are various aspects of how an app’s ranking is decided for being listed on an App Store. Like it’s majorly judged by user reviews and ranking, to how many additional marketing channels your brand is connected, user engagement and many more. So, App Store Optimization is a mobile app development strategy where marketers try to improve their app rankings for better discoverability on the app store.

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App Store Optimization Tips to Boost Sales

Being a mobile app developer or a marketer, your ultimate aim is to increase the sales and engage maximum user engagement so that your brand is recognized in a broader perspective. Here are a few tips that you can try to boost your mobile development strategies.

Understanding Target Audience

Before you start building an application, it’s really important to understand our customer. Once you’ll successfully understand who your target audience is, it will help you in building effective marketing strategies of how you can promote your app on various channels. Also, make sure that you write a subtle, readable, and easy to understand app description where users can understand what exactly the app is all about and what all features it offers.

Catchy App Name

Put a lot of thought in deciding the app name, as it ultimately decides its fate on the App Store. The app name should be kept in such a manner where people can get a clue what the app is about by just hearing its name. Think of a catchy app name, something which is easy to understand and which creates a good first impression on users.

Unique App Icon
Unique App Icon
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No matter how many times, you may hear people saying “Never judge a book by its cover” but somehow, we still do. The app icon acts as a cover and gives the first impression to users what your app is all about. So, think of a unique, thoughtful app icon that is creative and catchy enough to seek user attention on the App Store.

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Whether it’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or App Store Optimization (ASO), keywords play an important role. So, when you’re deciding the app title or writing a description, make sure it includes the right set of keywords which helps in fetching a greater number of hits on the App Store.

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Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings will help you in building a stronger goodwill and brand image of your brand. A lot of people first check reviews and ratings for an app before downloading it on their devices. Reviews and ratings decide how credible and authentic your app is and how well does it performs.

Just like SEO, App Store Optimization is also requiring a lot of dedication and patience. If you’re a mobile app developer, then you can aim at developing an effective marketing strategy to improve app ranking on App Stores. We hope these above-mentioned App Store Optimization tips will help you in building stronger brand value and derive more sales opportunities.

Good Luck!

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