Avoid Making These Windows Maintenance Mistakes

With advancement in technology, users have understood the basic way of maintaining their Windows computers and clean it time to time to keep it healthy. However, with time the OS has changed a lot especially Windows 10, so has its maintenance ways. But the users have not been made aware of it and therefore, they still use the old ways to maintain the health of their computer, which might have an adverse effect on your system’s health.


Don’t worry, in this article, we have discussed common mistakes that should be avoided while maintaining your computer’s health.

1. Procrastinating/Ignoring Installation Of  Windows Updates

Procrastinating or Ignoring Installation Of Windows Updates

Though it is not the part of cleaning the system, Windows Updates keeps your system safe and with every other update, you get new features and patches to strengthen the security.

In Windows 7 or 8, you have an option to completely disable them but with Windows 10, you can only disable them temporarily, which is not at all recommended.

So, don’t ignore or disable Windows updates, as ignoring it may leave the system in peril.

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 2. Too Many Startup Items

Too Many Startup Items.

There are various reasons of a slow computer, one of the main reason is having too many unwanted startup items.

Some of the applications start up as soon as the system turns on making your system slow. Some of them are useful like your Antivirus software but software like Skype is not the one you want to pop-up every time you turn on your computer.

You can easily remove these applications from your Startup Items list and improve the system speed to an extent.

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL together to open the Task Manager.
  • On Task Manager pane, click on Startup Tab.
  • Right Click on the Startup Item that you want to disable, and choose the Disable option to stop it from starting up when the system turns on.

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3. Not Scheduling Automatic Cleaning

Not Scheduling Automatic Cleaning

With an older version of Windows, you need to maintain the computer manually but now with Windows 10, many tools run on their own schedules so you don’t have to keep a check on them.You should set Windows settings to automatically cleaning old files.

  • You can schedule the running of the Clean tool to run automatically, open Settings-> System ->Storage tab ->Storage Sense header.
  • Toggle the slider to the right to turn it On

Note: Once set, Windows will automatically clean up old files

  • You get an option how we free up space to specify to determine what files you’d like to clean temporary files and old Recycle Bin content.
  • There is a button, Clean Now, you can use to get some extra space, real quick. 

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4. Cleaning The Registry

 Cleaning The Registry

One of the longest living myth in Windows is Cleaning your registry files would make your system healthy. It is true that Registry entries of uninstalled software would still be there but removing them would not make your system run faster.

So, don’t fall for the registry cleaner software as they don’t make much of difference when it comes to maintaining your computer.

5. Running RAM Optimizers

 Running RAM Optimizers

Just like Registry Cleaners, it is said to use RAM Optimizers to clean and free up the memory. Well, not exactly true, it is !

In reality, today’s OS is good at managing memory on its own. Let’s say if you have 4GB of RAM and your system indicates that 3GB RAM is being used, it doesn’t mean that the system is occupied and now it would run slow. Instead, your computer is using  your RAM to cache data for faster access. It keeps the copies of web pages, applications you previously opened or other data which you might need in near future.So, whenever you need the data again, your computer will not access the drive, butl load the files from RAM.

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These are the common mistakes that should be avoided while maintaining your computer. For more tips, subscribe our newsletters!

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