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Author: Shivnandini Tyagi

Tech News - 2019-08-07

How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Infected?

We probably use our mobile phone as much as our computers, for some may be even more. More than a luxury they have now become a necessity and why not? Apart from the usual, calling, texting, listening to music and gaming, we now use our phones for sending mails, making financial transactions, mapping our health,…

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Cyber Security - 2018-04-06

Microsoft Security Essentials: The Dark Horse Of Cybersecurity

Despite being a tech giant and a household name for computer operating systems, Microsoft has been struggling for years to prove its worth in the antivirus department. Regardless of the sophisticated security that this free antivirus offers, it has been largely underrated over the years. Nevertheless, it has finally proven its worth in a slow…

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Tech News, Top 10 - 2020-12-11

10 Best Website Builders 2021

Websites and blogs have redefined how individuals and organizations connect with others across the globe. Be it an individual or large business, everyone needs a  website to showcase their thoughts and work to the world. This year many of us  must have resolved to create a website. But we do realize that it can come…

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Apps, For Android, Top 10 - 2019-08-08

10 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android

Poor Internet connectivity can be frustrating for those of us who are into online shooting games. Well thankfully, Android has some of the best offline shooting games, which you can try out. To cut the long story short, here are our best offline shooting games for Android Devices: Top 10 Offline Shooting Games For Android…

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Tips & Tricks - 2019-04-09

New Year Resolution For 2018: Stronger Passwords

It’s almost the end of 2017 and it’s the time to look back at the best and worst highlights of the year. Social media platforms are flooded with the top 10’s, best, and worst lists of the year that is now almost over. Amongst those lists was a list of 25 worst passwords of the…

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