Audio Not Working On Mac ? Here’s How To Fix It

Audio not working on Mac? Is your Mac machine been making some mysterious sounds lately? Well, if that’s the case and if you’re all set to dive into your panic mode, first relax. It’s not an end of the world situation, and these issues are pretty common, as reported by other Mac users.

There are a few times when your Mac faces audio and sound glitches, where the device gets mute, and the sound output fails to respond. Also, there might be a possibility where the internal components of your Mac make a weird sound. It could be because of any reason, be it lack of audio output, corrupt apps or misconfigured settings.

Audio not working on Mac
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Here’s a quick guide on how to fix the “Audio not working on Mac” issue, and troubleshoot the most common sound-related problems on your Mac.

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How to Fix Audio Not Working On Mac Issue

Via Sound Settings

First, let’s navigate towards Mac’s sound settings. Tap on the Apple icon on the main screen, select “System Preferences” and then tap on “Sound”.

Now quickly switch to the Input tab in the sound settings window.

Fix Audio Issue on your Mac
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Here you need to make sure that you have picked the right audio device from the list for sound input and check its status. Now, switch to the Output tab in the sound settings window, and pick the right device as audio. If you have plugged an external pair of speakers to your Mac via audio port, make sure you have selected them for sound output. Selecting the appropriate input and output device will most probably fix the “audio not working” issue on your Mac, and if the issue still prevails, read on.

Connect and Disconnect Audio Device

If you’re using an additional pair of headphones or external speaker devices, then you can make the most of this trick to fix any audio glitches that you’re facing on your Mac. Here’s what you need to do.

Connect and Disconnect Audio Device
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First, connect the audio device (headphones or speakers) to your Mac.

Launch any music player on your device and play any audio to test the sound.

Unplug the headphones or external speakers from your Mac’s audio port.

In general cases, the moment you pull out the audio device from your Mac, the sound should automatically be playing on Mac’s in-built speakers. But if your Mac’s in-built speakers are not responding, play the soundtrack again on the music player and see if it works.

This is one of the most common hacks of fixing any sound related issues on your Mac, especially if you have installed any external audio devices.

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Reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac

NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory) and PRAM (Parameter RAM) are used by your Mac to access a lot of system-related settings including sound, display, startup, date and time, and more. Resetting the NVRAM on your Mac is also a useful solution to fix sound-related issues on your device. Here’s what you need to do:

Reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac
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Whenever you’re resetting your Mac, press the Option + Command + P + R keys combination altogether for about 20 seconds. As soon as you see the Apple logo on the screen, for the second time, you can release the keys. For Mac computers, that play a startup sound, repeat the same procedure and release the keys as soon as you hear the second startup chime on your device.

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Check Your Mac’s Headphone Jack

Mac’s Headphone Jack
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 Yes, your Mac’s hardware could also be a reason for encountering audio issues on your Mac. To fix this, physically examine the headphone jack of your Mac device, and also other hardware ports including USB jack, HDMI and other open sockets. Clean all the hardware ports on your device in case they’ve been clogged with dust. After that, plug and re-plug any external device that has been installed on your Mac machine.

Here were a few useful solutions to fix “audio not working on Mac” to troubleshoot any sound-related troubles on your Mac. We hope these tips will help you in fixing audio and sound glitches on your Mac.

Also, if you’ve been facing any sound related issues on Windows OS as well then don’t miss out checking our post on how to fix audio issues on Windows 10.

Good Luck!

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