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For iPhone, How-To - 2021-01-02

How To Customize Your iPhone Apps In iOS 14?

The recent iOS 14 updates have introduced many new features, including customization of the Home Screen. There are a new App Library and a lot of additional widgets never seen before. Before this edition, many used to jailbreak their iPhone just to customize it. With iOS 14, Apple has provided many options to set up…

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For iPhone, How-To - 2020-12-29

Fix AirDrop Not Working On iPhone/iPad (2021 Solutions)

You may already know what AirDrop is and what it does. But sometimes, when you transfer files, photos, or videos from iPhone to other devices, you may witness the problem of ‘AirDrop Not Working’. The reason for such an issue can be a network problem, a software glitch, or maybe system incompatibility. Fortunately, we’ve listed…

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For iPhone - 2020-07-07

How To Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone

Keeping your private photos safe in your iPhone is a must, especially when we know that it is nearly irresistible not to click photos on iPhone. Now the question is how to hide pictures on the iPhone to keep them safe from prying eyes. As there are times when you are showing someone else a…

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