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For Android, How-To - 2021-04-14

How To Hide Your Precious Photos On Android?

Have you ever wished that you could hide some of your photos and videos? Have you ever felt that some memories are not meant to be shared? Or the fact that your family and friends grab your phone and view your photos and videos? Well, you are not alone if you feel that way! The…

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Data Recovery, For Android - 2021-04-21

Can I Recover Deleted Photos On Android Device?

Photos are a snapshot of a particular moment that has occurred in the past. In other words, they represent our memories and save us the trouble of remembering every moment. Being as important as they are, it would be heartbreaking to lose any one of them. But sometimes, mistakes do happen, and we accidentally delete…

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For Android, How-To - 2021-04-22

How To Help A Loved One With A Smartphone Addiction

“These days we have Smartphones, Smart cars, Smartboards, Smart everything, but consider this: if the technology is getting smarter, does that mean humans are getting dumber?” – Rebecca McNutt. Multiple pieces of research have been conducted on Cellphone usage & its adverse effects on people for so many years. Although the issue isn’t something new,…

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For Android, Top 10 - 2021-04-23

Top 15 Best Android Optimizers and Booster Apps (2021)

Most of us probably are running Android 10 these days. But no matter which version you are operating on, a snappy smartphone remains a tinkerer’s dream for many. Although Android phones don’t demand regular maintenance, there’s undoubtedly no harm in brushing up your smartphone with Best Android Optimizers & Boosters, once in a while, to…

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.