Amazing Websites To Kill Your Free Time

The Internet is endless and too deep. People spend a majority of their time scrolling social media sites. But hey! Don’t you get bored scrolling social media feeds every time you are free? Not just this, Wiki, Gmail, all these sites though easily let you pass your free time; tend to get boring after a point of time.

All these sites don’t seem interesting every time and people tend to look for interesting alternatives to kill their boredom. Here comes the need for alternate websites to pass time. Today we have tried to list some of the best websites to kill time. These websites are amazing internet resources and are interesting enough to kill time when you don’t know what to do.

Amazing Websites to Kill Your Boredom:

Updated yourself of what your friends have shared on Facebook, liked their Instagram posts, read all the popular tweets and still have a lot of free time?

Don’t know how to kill your boredom? Check out the list of 10 awesome websites to kill time.

1.The Oatmeal


The Oatmeal is a famous webcomic that came into existence in the year 2009. Matthew Boyd Inman, the person behind this site is a famous cartoonist and refers to himself as The Oatmeal at times.

The Oatmeal contains amazing stuff to read and includes comics, quizzes, and awesome articles. It has top-notch graphics that are easy to read and is exciting at the same time and hence proves to be a good alternate to pass your free time.

 2.The Onion


The Onion is another website on our list of best websites to kill time and needs a special mention. If you have not spent your free time reading this ironic newspaper you are really missing something. Reading this newspaper, I bet you can easily kill your time.

Originated in the year 1988, The Onion has managed to keep their standards high and delivers a high-quality humor.

Even the headlines given to the articles are funny and hilarious to make you laugh loud.


Giphy 3

Do you like GIFs? Giphy is the one-stop solution to kill your free time. It is a website that works as the ultimate search engine for GIFs and serves as one of the best Internet resources in your free time.

Giphy works by collecting content based on the popular searches across the web and popular GIFs. It features all the trending GIFs on the main page which can be easily viewed by clicking the cursor on them.

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This one site is for everyone to LOL and kill their free time. It is a hub for visual content that is funny and best suited to get rid boredom. Members of 9GAG can easily add content to the site which is liked and unliked by the members and based on this the most popular content makes it to the top.

9GAG lets you explore different categories like funny, superhero, wallpaper, pic of the day and many more. Not just this, you can also create a login and add yourself to the community.

5.Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Our list of best websites to kill time cannot be complete without mentioning Mental Floss. Extremely addictive, Mental Floss is an online magazine that covers articles based on a varied range of topics.

Mental Floss is popularly known as the “the encyclopedia of everything,” since it offers content related to most of the interesting questions one can think of.

It lets you read articles, watch videos, play quizzes and has everything from pop culture to science.


 life hacker

Consider Lifehacker as a warehouse for tips and tricks for increased productivity. It is a hub that stores amazingly useful information that is useful but is not taught anywhere.

Lifehacker also covers topics related to money saving tips, clever use of gadgets, just to name a few.

It has a never-ending list of topics to look for and use of the Lifehacker Index is recommended to get yourself introduced with the top-performing tips and tricks.

It is an amazing website to pass time when you have nothing to do.



Everyone knows about Buzzfeed. It is another awesome option while looking for websites to pass time. It is a popular site to kill your free time and contains everything that is newsworthy, senseless and popular.

From news articles, fun quizzes, GIFs etc. it covers many things.



Looking for options to kill your time and haven’t browsed StumbleUpon ever? This is the right time to get indulged in a truly amazing experience.

An easy way to get yourself acquainted with interesting web pages, amazing photos, and videos across the Web. One can consider StumbleUpon as a service where they can easily stumble across different sites based on their interests.

So, guys, if boredom is killing you next time and you don’t know what to do, browse these fantastic websites to pass time and laugh a bit. Read the complete article to get a brief idea about some of the best websites to kill time, do share your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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