10 Most Amazing Website You Have Never Heard Of

According to Netcraft, there are 1.5 billion websites over the internet that cater to a laundry list of niches. However, out of this whopping number about 200 million websites are in active state.

But, in reality there are only a handful of websites that are visited by a majority of internet users. Also, it is observed that people often explore the same websites that is up to his interest. Although, this is how it is supposed to happen. But, do you realize there are several such amazing websites that could not gain the fame or mention they deserve, but are outstanding. Well, amid this ocean of websites, there are thousands of such useful websites that offer great content and cover real matters.

Today, we’re going to talk about 10 most amazing websites that you probably haven’t heard of but they can be of some good help.

1. DailyLit:


It is always good to present yourself to be the smartest in a group. But, it needs a lot of knowledge that comes from reading. If you can’t find time to read regularly, DailyLit is there to help you. It offers both latest and contemporary titles that also in quick readable installments. The titles are sent to you via email or the RSS. So, the next time a conversation starts, you’re going to rock it.

2. makeuseof:


One of the most useful websites, We personally love this as it has everything covered. From lifestyle to technology, it can enhance your knowledge in almost every stream. One of the best advantage of this website is that even the most technical article is written in such a way that even a layman can understand. So, you don’t have to be a geek to know more about technology.

3. asoftmurmur:


Can you create a weather? With asoftmurmur you can. This website is so relaxing that I tune into it as soon as I am exhausted. If you’re at home and wish it was raining, this website can make you feel that way. Just go to the website and adjust the sound level of different moods and weather to feel the awesomeness of technology.

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4. JustWatch:


JustWatch is another great website that helps you keep updated with the latest movies and series released on your streaming providers. You just have to select your streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. and it gives you the upcoming entries. You may also use its filter that helps you choose the best according to your set criteria.

5. F-Secure:


No matter how expensive anti-virus you’ve installed on your computer but you may still be in trouble if someone hacks your computer. One of the most vulnerable part of hacking is your router. It is always good to determine the safety of your router regularly, which you can do with F-Secure. It is a free web-based tool that checks your router’s settings and detects if it may have been hijacked by criminals. If your router is found to be faulty, note that every connected device is at risk.

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6. Send:


If you’re looking forward to sending something important that is big in size, Mozilla may be of some help. Today, when every tech company is making money, Mozilla is finding ways to improve the tools and features for the open-source Firefox browser. Send, the cross-browser web based application allows you to send a self-destructing file of up to 1 GB for FREE. The link gets activated for 24 hours and as far as the security is concerned, the content is completely private and encrypted on the client side.

7. you.regettingold.com:


Just put in your date of birth and see some amazing facts and statistics that would please and scare you at the same time. Whatever it is, the website seems to have some real data with it.

8. camelcamelcamel.com:


This website would help you save some money. Just create an account on it and it would notify you if an item price drops. It is a free Amazon price tracker monitor that keeps a track of millions of products. You may also check the history of the product price change.

9. GravityPoint:


It is a simple fun website that may not be productive but can help you kill some time. Just click on the website to create a gravity point and see the creatures running towards it. Also, all the gravity points gather with time to make a big one.

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10. Manualslib:


it is a useful website that allows you to access any product’s manual which you may have thrown in past.

Overall, you can estimate the depth of internet by the number of websites it contains. It is true that not everything on internet is a useful website but this crowd also veils many amazing websites. You may go through all the above websites as per your interest and find some new place to explore online. If you want us to add some more unknown yet good websites, do let us know in the comments below.

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