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It is always recommended to set a strong password for all your accounts, be it your online banking, email or social media.  However, choosing and remembering random and complex passwords can be a cumbersome task.  Therefore, users prefer to keep the same or straightforward passwords for multiple accounts. This is one of the main reasons behind the increasing number of data breach incidents.  Hackers take advantage of users’ recklessness and gain access to their private information, which might also lead to data loss.

Now, what if your information has been hacked?  How to know about it? Well, there can be two ways. First, maybe when we experience a pattern of suspicious activities in our bank accounts which weren’t authorized from our end. Another one could be through the news published by companies like Equifax, Yahoo, DoorDash, which notifies you that your birthday, social security, credit card details, health records, or some other piece of personal information have been exposed as part of a breach.

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We can’t imagine what a hacker can do if they had access to our personal info, which is the key to access every part of our lives.  Well, this is not it, there are billions of the hacked login credentials on the dark web, available to be downloaded for free.

Well, we can’t control the hackers. However, we can ensure that our confidential information is safe, no matter what!  For that, you need to follow a few steps to prevent the damage. So the steps to follow depends on two categories as below:

  1. If you are doubtful that someone has or is trying to access the information, you saved online.
  2. In case your login credentials are already on the Dark Web

Under the first case, if you are suspicious that someone might hack your login or personal info and use against you, you can follow a process and use an Advanced Identity Protector, an identity protector tool. This tool can help you check the platforms where your info is saved. It ensures that your login details (email addresses, login credentials, and personal info) are kept in a place that cannot be accessed by anyone but you.

This way, you will be the one who will have control over it, and it can save you from being a victim of a data breach in the future (given the scenario wherein there is a continuous increase in the number of data breaches and hacking scandals).

1. How To Use Advanced Identity Protector To Secure And Privatize Your Personal Info?

A. Click on the Download Now button, and install the Advanced Identity Protector in your system.

B. Once it gets installed, it automatically starts scanning the saved login credentials platforms.

C. The tool will give you a list of privacy exposing traces and will ask if you want to “Protect Now” your credentials.

Advanced Identity Protector Traces Page

D. Tap on “Protect Now.” You will be asked to register the product if you have a key, click on Register Now.

However, for trial purposes, you can click on “Free Trial” as this product comes with 24 hours free trial version. Now click on “Next” to use other essential features such as Secure vault.

E. Now that you have got your Privacy traces platforms in front of you choose the appropriate option to protect your identity.

F. The tool offers three actions that can be performed: ‘Move to Secure Vault’, (the traces will get moved to a password-protected vault) OR ‘Remove Traces Permanently’, (the data would be deleted beyond retrieval) or if you want to keep the traces on your machine but never want them to be exposed in the next scan, go for ‘Add to Exclusion List’.

Advanced Identity Protector Traces

G. If you select “Move to Secure Vault” and tap Continue, your details will be moved safely in the Secure vault.

Advanced Identity Protector Vault Page

The Advanced Identity Protector tool functions amazingly well and reduces the probability of your data going into the hands of the hackers.

2. In Case Your Login Credentials Are Already On The Dark Web

We hope this doesn’t happen to anybody, but again, then again, you can’t stop sites getting hacked. So, a barrier of security needs to be there to save you from the damage that might happen. In case, the Dark Web already has your sensitive info, and you are sure that it’s going to hamper your day to day life, I suggest you go for a Password Manager. It keeps your sensitive information secure as it comes with multiple security layers. It keeps all your passwords in one vault and to access the vault, all you need is the Master Password. Now choose strong and random passwords for your accounts and save them in a password manager. One of the best password Managers is TweakPass. Let’s know how to use it!

How To Use TweakPass: The Ultimate Password Manager

Before knowing, how to get around the tool, let’s discuss the forms it comes in. TweakPass comes into the software as well as browser extensions. The main feature of the tool is, it allows you to save all your passwords on one platform so that you won’t have to remember each of them. All you need to do is remember the master password to access all other passwords.

The Explanation Below Belongs to The Web App of TweakPass

A. Click Download Now button, and install it.

B. Once the window pops up, fill in the required details and keep the password strength strong that it can meet the criteria.

TweakPass Sign UpC. Once you are logged in, the tool will auto scan, and will show you the platforms where your login credentials are saved.

D. Now, to keep these credentials in a safe vault, tap on “Import” and follow the process to save them in TweakPass vault.

secure passwords

E. Once the logins are saved in the vault, you will see another pop up (as below screenshot) that will have all the info along with the categories of the different platforms.


The Browser Extension Features

Since the tool is so important and holds sensitive information, it needs to be available for as many users as possible. Keeping that in mind, TweakPass extension has been made compatible with many browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and etc.

Once you have installed the extensions for your default browser, follow the below steps:

  1. Tap on TweakPass icon, and login (if you already signed up) OR sign up (if you didn’t before).
  2. After logging in, explore the various options to keep your passwords secure as well as generate random new passwords.
  3. Tap the icon, and click on “Generate Secure Password” that will give you a general random password (depending on your customization available in the tool).

The benefit of this feature is that no one can guess a password like this, and you use it to change any of your already saved login credentials in TweakPass. You don’t need to remember this password as you can get this anytime with the help of a master password (TweakPass password).

Even if there is the slightest probability that your credentials are on the dark web server, you can change the password from the TweakPass icon to generate a random and secure password. Keep changing your passwords timely and update them on TweakPass so that you won’t need to remember all of them. Just the master password will do.

You can also visit the site and check if your email has been compromised before, and if yes then when & on what platform.

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Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore these tools so that you can save yourselves as well as others from being a victim of hacking/data breach/data scandals etc.

Please let us know If the article was helpful and informative? Do share your opinions and experiences once you use the tools so that other users will also identify and get benefit out of it.

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