What Is Deep Web And How To Access It Safely?

The World Wide Web is the collection of all the websites you can access using the Internet, a global group of all the computer networks. This collection of websites can be classified into Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web. This article helps you understand the Deep Web and how to access this part of the World Wide Web safely.

All Web Types: Surface, Deep & Dark Web

Deep & Dark Web

Surface Web

The “visible” surface layer is the open web, often known as the surface web. These are all frequently visited public-facing websites that can be accessed with conventional browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Websites are typically identified by registry operators such as “.com” and “.org” and are simple to find using well-known search engines. According to statistics, this group of websites and data accounts for less than 5% of the internet.

Deep Web

About 90% of all websites are found on the deep web, which is underground. This would be a portion of an iceberg that was submerged and was much larger than the web on the surface. The size of this hidden network makes it impossible to determine precisely how many pages or websites are open at any given time. The area of the deep web that is known as the dark web is also included.

The “hidden” stuff on the deeper web generally is more dependable and clean. The deep web includes everything, even pages you access when you bank online and blog posts that are now being reviewed and redesigned. Furthermore, they don’t endanger your computer or general safety. To safeguard user data and privacy, the majority of these pages are restricted from public view on the internet, including:

  • Financial accounts such as retirement and banking
  • Accounts for social media and email
  • Databases for private businesses
  • Medical records
  • Legal records

Because it isn’t a publicly available domain, things like your Google Drive and mailbox are examples of deep web content. Other instances are the login page for your blog, the settings page for your social network account, your bank account page, and a few scholarly journals. These websites can be found in directories that aren’t crawlable by search engines.

Dark Web

The dark web is a secret network of websites that can only be accessed with a highly specialized web browser like Tor. It is used to maintain the privacy and anonymity of online activity, which is useful for both legitimate and illicit uses. The use of it for extremely criminal activities has also been reported, even though some people use it to avoid government censorship.

Scope Of Deep Web

The deep web is significantly more expansive when compared to the dark web. It includes a variety of topics that web search engines like Google, Safari, or DuckDuckGo do not have access to. Anything password-protected, such as emails, chat sessions, and private social media posts, falls under this category.

Operations Of Deep Web

Compared to the dark web, the deep web is far more accessible to internet users than the dark web. The deep web includes free and paid online services and intranets that businesses and educational institutions utilize. In other words, you are using the deep web whenever you are organizing your Dropbox folders, browsing your email inbox, or checking your bank account balance.

Security Of Deep Web

The deep web is generally secure, but the owners must keep their private websites and services safe. Nevertheless, due to the valuable personal information therein, fraudsters are increasingly focusing on this area of the internet. Therefore, maintaining good online hygiene has become essential to keeping yourself safe.

You continually enter your login information to access a variety of online services, such as email, e-banking, and social media, on the deep web. It also draws a lot of attention from attackers operating a variety of scams concealed in phishing emails, Linkedin messages, or phony login prompts to obtain your data.

Is It Legal To Access Deep Web?

Dark net

It is permissible to use any browser or attempt to reach a page that is not indexed. The mere fact that a page is inaccessible to search engines does not imply that it seeks to promote illegal activities. Similarly, using any browser to access the deep web does not imply that you are breaching any laws. Regardless of your browser, purchasing illegal goods like illegal narcotics or fake documents is unlawful.

How To Safely Visit The Deep Web

Use a VPN: By masking your IP address and rerouting your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, VPNs help you protect your privacy and boost your anonymity online. While using unprotected networks like public Wi-Fi, hackers, governments, and your ISP cannot eavesdrop on your online activity.

Follow secure password guidelines: Always create special passwords for every account, and keep them safe. To you, all of these seem like hassles. An effective password manager will be helpful.

Systweak VPN: Hide Your Browsing Activities Online


The Systweak VPN provides users access to over 4500 servers across 200 cities and 53 countries. You may conceal your IP address and location in 200 places spread across 53 distinct nations. The benefits listed below will help you see why Systweak VPN is the best option.

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Turn on “Kill” mode

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Obfuscate the IP address

Don’t worry if your IP address or location is discovered. Select one of the secure Tunnel servers to change your IP address.

The Final Word: What Is Deep Web And How To Access It Safely

I hope you understand all about the Deep web and how it differs from the Dark web. You can use any browser to access the deep web but make sure to use a VPN because the information on the deep web might be private. Systweak VPN is the best way to keep your online browsing and activities private.

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