How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account

Having a LinkedIn account is like having a strong social network in terms of finding jobs, meeting new people and connecting themselves around the world on a professional term.

But one thing is noteworthy: LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy states that LinkedIn will retain your information for so long as your account is active or as needed to provide the services, except in the case of professional plugin impression data, which we de-identify after 12 months.

Now, you do not want anyone to mess with your privacy. If you think that LinkedIn’s privacy policy or the running account is not a cup of your tea, you might look for how to delete your LinkedIn account. Do not worry as we have a compiled a whole guide for you.

How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account ?

Let’s follow the steps mentioned below i to delete your LinkedIn account.

Step 1: Log into your account by entering credentials.

Step 2: Locate ‘Me’ from the top bar, and unfold the menu below.

How To Delete Your LinkedIn Profile

Step 3: Here, select Settings and Privacy.

Step 4: The default will bring you to the ‘Privacy’ page, but you have to select ‘Account’ tab.

Step 5: From the left pane, head to Account Management.

How To Delete Your LinkedIn account

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Close your LinkedIn account’.

close your linkedin account

Step 7: Now that, you will click on this option, LinkedIn will as you the reason for it. You can choose your reason here or list your own in the feedback section.

tell why you are closing the account

Step 8: As the next step comes up, LinkedIn will ask you to confirm so that you close the right account.

Step 9: LinkedIn will not let you go so easy and hence, it will ask you once again. The profile will take around 24 hours to get deleted, and you cannot get back to the same account once again. Yes, the method suits the question of how to delete a LinkedIn account permanently.

Step 10: As you finalize this step, you will be logged out and it will be deleted. But the good part is that your same email ID will be available for a new account.


  • If you own a premium membership of LinkedIn account, you need to resolve that account first, and then you can close your basic account.

remove linkedin account

  • If you have created a new account and looking to deactivate the old account, you can leave the option and rather merge the duplicate with the original one.
  • Once you delete a LinkedIn account, all your recommendations and connections will be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I delete my LinkedIn account?

Well, this is absolutely your wish. Many people around the world are using their LinkedIn profiles to get jobs, share their professional experience and connect in a better mode. We recommend you to keep it and enjoy a different mode of social media.

Q2. Is LinkedIn still relevant in 2020?

Yes. LinkedIn is relevant in the year 2020 and will remain important for more coming years. Many users are enjoying the benefits of new jobs and canrepresent themselves strongly on the profile.


Now that you know how to delete your LinkedIn account, think once again and delete the account. Just remember that once that account is gone, it is not coming back. So better bring reviewed thoughts once again and act smartly.

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