8 Best Apple Watch Games Worth your Attention

Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat…

Agree or not, but gaming is one solo thing which pulls out the kid within us. Not only is it a great way to while away time, but gives the occasional adrenaline rush to the non-adventurous ones amongst us.

The gaming experience gets streamlined and compact with Apple Watch. C’mon we always fear phone battery drainage while playing games!

So we have listed some of the best Apple Watch games. Boasting of fun-loving concepts as well as interesting puzzles, these games are quite engaging.

Awaken the child within you, by playing these games listed below.

Best Apple Watch Games 2022

1. Solitaire

Starting with the ultimate classic Windows style Game-Solitaire with which most of us have spent many hours. Depending upon your skill set, you can play the game by yourself or challenge other players to compete with you. Get it for free via here

2. Trivia Crack

trivia crack apple watch games

Add more fun to play, by playing this enjoyable game with your loved ones. It is undoubtedly one of the best apple watch games available in this category. Try out this trivia game to make your gaming knowledge-driven. Get it for free via here

3. Letterpad

letterpad games for apple watch

Letterpad is a great game if you loved your game Word Games. The game offers you nine letters which you have to use to find the hidden words related to the given topic. Like if the topic is vacation you need to find relatable words such as beach, holiday, sunset and so on. Cool! Isn’t it? Get it for free via here

4. Lifeline

lifeline apple watch games

Lifeline is one narrative adventure game specially designed for an apple watch’s interface. At various points during the day, you’ll get a buzz on your watch and check in, read the latest notes, and choose from branching options that can alter the narrative. This is so far one of the best apple watch game found in its category. get it via here

5. One Button Travel

one button travel apple watch games

One button travel is an intriguing game to keep you engrossed. So just press the button and book your trip through time. Get it via here

6. Zombies Run!

zombies run apple watch games for play

Zombies Run is a fabulous running game and audio adventure that pushes you to run faster. It unravels the story through a number of radio messages and voice recordings that keep bumping in between tracks to keep you on charge. Get it for free via here

7.    RuneBlade

runebladebest apple watch games

Runeblade is an epic traditional style action game making it a cool fit for the Apple Watch. Fulfill all your gaming fantasies by furiously slashing away at evil creatures. Get it for free via here

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8.  Alien Invasion

alieninvasion games for apple watch

This is one simple arcade style game which you’re gonna love if you are an 90s kid. All you have to do is turn the Digital Crown to move your little UFO from left to right, trying to recover the aliens leaving Earth after a botched invasion attempt. Comes at a 3$ price. Get it via here

So here were some of the best games for your apple smartwatch. With the right gaming apps loaded, your beautiful tiny watch will become so much fun to use.

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Get started get goin’ if Gaming is in your DNA too!

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