7 Incredible iPad Tips to use it like a Pro!

No matter how similar an iPhone and iPad may seem, they have their own set of rules & conventions. Although, most of us are not aware but there are a bunch of cool gestures and swipes that can make you navigate iPad like a Pro. You can finally break the stereotypes by proving that iPad is actually something more than an iPhone, not just because of the size but in terms of features too.

So let’s discover some of these handy tips to make your iPad more fun to use.

1. Switch between Apps


Just like the standard Window style wherein we used Alt + Tab to switch between tabs you can switch apps in iPad too. To do this, simply place four fingers anywhere on your screen and swipe left or right. Your current app will appear to slide to the left or right, and another recently used app will appear on the screen. Perform this gesture several times in a row to quickly switch between apps.

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2. The Five Finger Pinch


This is essential when you feel like moving to home page, by quickly leaving a running app. All you have to do is place five fingers on your iPad’s screen and pinch them together. This is actually somewhat the same thing as pressing your iPad’s Home button, but this gesture is a lot faster.

P.S. If none of these gestures are working, navigate to settings> General and enable the Multitasking Gestures option.

3. Open new app in sidebar


The iPad has finally caught up with its competitors in terms of multitasking. You can easily open a new app in the sidebar while using one app. To do this simply swipe in from the right, and a list of compatible apps will appear. Tap the one that you’d like to use, and it’ll launch in a column alongside the other app you’ve already opened.

4. Zoom in


This is one of the accessibly feature offered by iPad which enables a virtual magnifying glass over the screen making it easy for viewing certain parts of the screen. To enable this feature, head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and toggle the slider ON.

5. Play a video while using other apps


Fortunately, now iPad users no longer need to quit watching a video to check another app. So next time if you feel like watching an episode of Friends or use FaceTime, simply press the home button to minimize the video down to the corner of your iPad’s display. However, this only works in certain apps that support this feature.

6. Long Press Home to access Siri


Long-press your Home button from anywhere and the Siri screen will appear. It allows you to perform voice searches and ask questions of all sorts. Siri will instantly start listening as soon as you long-press the Home button.

7. Four Finger Swipe


You can also open the app switcher by placing four fingers on your screen and swiping upwards. This provides another way of getting to the app switcher if you find the gesture more convenient.

Cool isn’t? Now using your iPad will not be daunting anymore! Use these amazing gestures to make the most out of your tablet.

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