5 Tips to Get Better Streaming On Your Smart TV

You know what’s worse than heartache? When you’re watching your favorite movie on Netflix and right when the climax suspense is about to drop, the video streaming breaks—ughh! While buffering content on smart TV the internet connection is often interrupted resulting in playback pauses, low resolution picture quality, poor buffer speed and more. Not only on Netflix particularly, it can happen while you’re playing games on console or watching any other internet related movie services like Hulu, Amazon etc.

In order to have a lightning fast streaming speed for your Smart TV it is necessary to have a flawless internet connection as well. Once can say, Smart TV and internet connection share an inseparable bond!

So, if would like to upgrade the streaming quality on your Smart TV we have got a few tips that just might help you.

How to Get Better Streaming On your Smart TV

Let’s discuss each one of em in detail.

1. Upgrade your Internet Plan

Upgrade your Internet Plan

Well, this is like stating the obvious! Nowadays various services providers are offering a variety of incredible internet plans to enhance your movie watching experience on Smart TV, that too in pocket friendly prices. So, all you have to do is simply pick up your phone and dial your service provider’s toll free number. Break the laziness charm to find something useful. Good Luck!

2. Upgrade your Router or Modem

Upgrade your Router or Modem

To be frank, not all products that come for free are useful! This rule applies on your WiFi router as well. The WiFi modem that is initially set up along with new internet connection is good for nothing. So, if you’re a big time movie junkie who doesn’t want to compromise on picture resolution then maybe it’s time to replace your WiFi router. Don’t worry it is quite affordable (definitely not as much as you’re probably thinking right now).

3. Switch to Ethernet

Switch to Ethernet

No matter how much the service providers claim about a lightning fast internet speed, it gradually wears out over time. WiFi has several issues with walls, or maybe distance so in this case all you can do is switch to Ethernet which is a wired and most reliable internet connection.

4. Positioning Might Help Too

Positioning Might Help Too

If you’re experiencing a poor buffering speed on your Smart TV despite of trying all the above stated then maybe moving your WiFi router might help. Often the connection speed gets interrupted due to a thick wall or showcase, so you might try changing the WiFi routers position and see if this works.

5. The “Less” is Merrier

The “Less” is Merrier

“The More the merrier” phrase doesn’t fall appropriate in this scenario. Suppose you made up plans to watch a movie in living room with your friends. And your kids’ next room are sulking down the entire WiFi connection while watching cartoon videos on YouTube. Yes, it hurts! This will also hinder the streaming speed and you’ll have to watch the movie with infinite pauses. So, just make sure your WiFi connection isn’t unnecessarily being directed on other devices.

Here were a few tips to enhance your streaming experience on Smart TV. A bunch of streaming issues can be solved with these solutions. So try them out and let us know which one worked out for you!

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