5 Must-Have Apps For Pet Lovers

People go nuts over Dogs & Cats. They are treated just like the members of a family. Having one or more seems no burden to anyone because they are so very lovable. However, taking care of them can be a bit difficult task. There are some amazing apps which can make things easier for you, how about adopting these apps that can help you along the way?

Here are 5 Best iOS & Android Apps for Pets, which counts pet tracker app, pet monitor app, and pet care app!

Top 5 Pet Monitoring Apps

Whether you want to track your pet’s health or you want to keep an eye on your dog when you’re not at home or to know what food items are good & bad for your pet. Then, you will find the best app suggestions here for your furry friend.

  • Whistle 3- Technologies like microchipping can help to get back lost pets, thanks to some companies that are incorporating this technology into smartphones so that people can track & keep an eye on their pets. And Whistle is one of them, it initially released a health and fitness tracking collar device, and then upgraded it with GPS Capabilities to discover pets using a smartphone.

Whistle – pet tracker app is an infusion of GPS & health tracking device worn by pets. Through which you can monitor pet’s activity. Using Whistle, you can monitor and record any changes in your pet’s activity or in sleeping patterns. These are recorded in graphs & reports which you can share with your vet.

Source: whistle.com

Available on both Android & iOS

  • Pet Coach- It is the most popular pet care app. Based on your pet’s health, nutrition, diet or any other unusual activities, it is the most reliable source of free veterinary advice. You can anytime ask questions to Pet experts and they will clear all your queries for free. You can contact certified veterinarians, dog experts, trainers and nutritionists to get trusted answers.

This service will provide reliable solutions for every pet. Pet Coach also includes thousands of articles written by affirmed vets related to pet’s behavior, wellness & diet. You can learn about their behavior pattern, what should you feed them/or not, what stuff are harmful to them, how you can take care of vaccinations and much more.

Pet coachDownload this trusted source of information today!

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  • APCC (Animal Poison Control Center)- Our pets are not so clever to differentiate between what is harmful and what is not. Sniffing, Swallowing or intaking anything might be poisonous or toxic for them. Their digestive system is not like us, even a chocolate can be a potential pet poisoning concern. APCC is doubtless one of the best pet apps for Android.

To keep pets safe, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) came up with this friendly pet care app. This app contains a list of items such as household hazards and harmful plants and medications which can be poisonous for your pets. The app guides you with the severity of exposure to different toxins with color codes. Determining the severity of your problem, this pet care app will direct you towards necessary immediate actions and what to do next.


Download available for Android and iOS for free.


  • Dormi- It is actually meant to observe babies but it can also be used as a pet monitor app. The app comes with live video streaming and audio monitor. The audio levels are optimized according to your device automatically. Microphone sensitivity is configured to amplify the sound even when the audio hardware is kept at a distance. This app is great for those who are conscious that their pets might get in trouble when left alone. Multiple devices can be connected to the pet devices through 3G, 4G, HSPA+, LTE etc.



Download here

  • PetBacker- You might have heard about Babysitter. Ever thought of getting a Pet Sitter for your furry friend! Well, now you can hire one within few moments to take care of your pet when you are not available. The app provides a great opportunity to pet lover to earn some extra money with love for pets. Payments are made in advance to PetBacker by Pet Parents and the Pet Sitter gets the payment soon after the job is done.


Available for Android and iOS


Among the plethora of iOS & Android apps for pets, these are the most effective & handy apps we recommend. The apps listed above are easy to download and absolute for animal lovers. It will definitely serve as a helping hand to keep your pet healthy & safe.

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